To Do List – Move To Spain From USA

move to spainOf course we have a list for everything, so we thought we’d share the mama list with you! These aren’t currently in any order, just a list that need to have all checked off.  Of course we keep adding to it as well.

To do prior to the move to Spain

√ Completed items: 

  1. Decide on a plan
  2. Update kids passports
  3. Full physical for us all and medical sign off
  4. Get extra passport photo’s for all of us
  5. Obtain copies of all legal documents (marriage certificate, birth certificates)
  6. Apply for Spanish visa (long list of to do items that go along with this)
  7. Sell house (this happened quickly, so into a temp apartment for 3 months)
  8. Rent storage unit for items that we MUST keep, but not take with us
  9. Prepare finances
  10. Update Wills
  11. Buy Travel Health Insurance
  12. Scoping trip of Spain to narrow down desired area
  13. Obtain a Visa credit card with no foreign transaction fees
  14. Obtain international drivers license
  15. Move some items to bank safe deposit box
  16. Cancel home owners insurance
  17. Cancel YMCA membership
  18. Give 60 day notice at temp apartment
  19. Find someone to accept our forwarded US mail, and scan important items and email to us.
  20. Heidi finished work (May 17th)
  21. Start Blog and Facebook Page
  22. Approval for Spanish Visa
  23. Book Flights
  24. Book 1st week accommodation and rental car
  25. Pay off both cars to obtain title
  26. Purchase laptops
  27. Cancel (cable, utilities, XM Radio, internet)
  28. Plan kids education and curriculum (this will be in progress the entire time, but main plan is ready)
  29. Alan to finish work (Aug 3rd)
  30. Double check finances and investments
  31. Sell motorcycle, cxl insurance
  32. Migrate items from desktops to laptops
  33. Obtain kids school transcripts
  34. Decide what is going with us and what luggage to use
  35. Say “see ya later” to friends and family (plan a picnic at the park, so people can drop by or stay for the day)
  36. Organize automatic payment for items that will be recurring
  37. Craigslist Round 3 – Sell personal belongings (down to as little as possible)
  38. Order Euros from Bank
  39. Cancel cell phones
  40. Redirect our US Mail to designated person
  41. Create spreadsheet on our plan and details of each back up plan
  42. Spanish lessons (formal and self-taught)

 In Progress or still to do:

  1. Finalize back up plans if Spanish visa isn’t approved or not approved in time for September 1st  departure from North Carolina.
  2. Sell both cars and cancel insurance (one down and one to go)
  3. Inform Banks and Credit Cards of our plans

Move to Spain!

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3 thoughts on “To Do List – Move To Spain From USA

  1. Looking to move to Barcelona, have spent about a month there. Got your guide and at first look it seems very helpful, thanks. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Cliff! First of all congrats to you for deciding to make the move. Secondly, thanks for buying the resident visa tips and tricks. We have had quite a few people buy the guide and already informed us they are approved, so that is very rewarding. Some have even said the consulate employee liked how organized they were (according to them, thanks to the guide).

      Barcelona is beautiful and it is good you have already spent an extended amount of time there. When do you plan to make the move and what specific questions do you have? Feel free to use the Contact Us page if you like. Let us know how we can help you.

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