Adjusting to expat life in Spain – the first few days


I know you are curious how we are adjusting to life in Spain. So far no problems with the Language. I wouldn’t say we sound like locals, but people seem to understand us in general. That said it is all tourist type stuff thus far (hotels, food, parking, directions etc).

We got that all under the belt, no sweat LOL (in caveman speak “Where me go to find .city” 🙂 Okay so maybe not that bad, but it is working! Having way too much fun this far. Our son said he has so much in Spanish in his head, he is just wanting to burst out and say it all. He has been fantastic. In Barcelona, there was a park across from our hotel. The kids and I went for a walk and the played in the park. We heard skateboarders in the distance and found 3 young boys.

Our son walks up and introduces himself and asks the boys their names and ages (13, 11 and 11). They offered to let him on the board and he was thrilled. He fell off a couple of times, they all had a good laugh and one offered to walk along side him and have him balance by holding his shoulder. This all went down in Spanish!  I love it! Our son even introduced Mama (me).  It was great. He is so eager and they are both really jumping in feet first.

Food – life in Spain

Hmmm… Let’s just say we haven’t master to craving for all Spanish food yet. This will continue to be a challenge for us as a family and we can’t wait to have our own place to cook what we want.  It isn’t really just the food, as what we have ordered we have liked. It is getting used to what is what. We can drive or walk past something and not realize it was a place to eat etc.  We aren’t going to starve that is for sure.  The first day, it felt as if we were off track with the food schedule, then we realized we are adjusting to Spanish timing.  Lunch is about 2-4pm and Dinner starts about 8 or 8:30pm.  We have been eating dinner about 9 ish or so and up late.


We really messed our sleep schedules up by not sleeping on the flight.  Then we are up somewhat early to begin the day. Food schedules are delayed, thus making sleeping schedules adjust. Unfortunately, each of us has had one of those nights where we slept for 1-2 hrs and it felt like a nap. We were then up remainder of night, trying to sleep. Oh well, we will get there.

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