Americans Living In Spain = Stop #1 Barcelona

We flew into Barcelona and stayed there the 1st two nights. We had free flights using our miles and this is where we could go for the desired dates, so we decided to start our year off with a mini vacation.  We really had just one full day to explore the city, so we decided to use our rental car and just drive.

We would cover as much of the city as possible and then note what we wanted to go back to and spend some time.  We decided we wanted to explore the cool Gaudi buildings and hopped out to walk around La Sagrada Familia. The line to enter was forever long, so we admired from the outside. We LOVED it!  We also drove by the Casa Batllo.

Later we drove along the ports and looked at all of the shipping containers. This was quite the port for sure. There must be so much going in/outta this place for sure.  As we were heading towards the Olympic Park we noticed the most incredible cemetery. If any of you know me well, you know I love cemeteries. (I like to see how old people are and a little about them and area traditions etc). Anyway, this was like no other I have seen. Of course, I forgot the camera so I had to look on-line for pix.  It was terraced into the rocky hillside and there were 2×2 windows condominium style along the walls. My guess is for those that opted for cremation. Then atop each of the flat terraced areas were tombstones. Likely for those with traditional burial.

After exploring for the day we headed back to our little suburb and relaxed and roamed that area. I love that so many little towns have a pedestrian only area. Those are great, because the kids can just run free and burn some energy. The next morning we were heading to Valencia to check it out as an option to live.

I will post a couple of pictures from this day when I find the camera in the luggage.  (one lil problem when packing up and moving every couple of days.)

Come on and tell us what you think!

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