Spanish Culture in Harmony with Modern Times

In harmony with modern times

In these modern times, so much of “old tradition” is overlooked …

Back in the U.S., with growth from the cities to the suburbs, there is less countryside to appreciate. The modern times have taken over with Shopping malls, fast food, the general suburbia is everywhere. Don’t get me wrong this is full of convenience and most of what you need is at your finger tips. And yes, I do realize this isn’t ALL of the U.S., but just a generalization.

Spanish Culture

Here in Spain, near the big cities, it isn’t too different. However, we do find that here in Costa Tropical, the old traditions still go on here in harmony with the modern times.  No, there aren’t shopping malls or fast food restaurants everywhere, but there are the basic conveniences.  You also still have the farmer that plows his land with a mule or in this case a goat herder that just continues on with his day while the highway along his path.

I was on my way to Motril and just had to stop and take a picture.  I wouldn’t say this is an everyday sighting, as many people don’t even bat an eye. I just had to capture the moment as I enjoyed it so much. I am sure I shouldn’t have pulled over on the highway, so thankfully didn’t get in trouble for that.  The dog and the man just looked so happy, as well as the goats. What sights like this do you find near you?  Please feel free to share.

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