Friday Market – Almunecar Spain

There is a weekly Friday market in Almunecar, Spain is called the  “Mercadillo”. I have been wanting to really check this out, as the week prior we just took a cursory peek. We heard it was open from 9:00-13:00. So we dropped the kids at school, just before 9:00 and headed over. Apparently, the vendors are still setting up around 9am, so we roamed around town and returned about 10:00 to check it out.

Friday Market in Almunecar

The Friday market is located at the central round about off of the N340 (the almost highway thru town) in a big parking lot. From what we can tell, this is also the town fairground.  It seemed there were about 100-150 stalls varying from shoes, socks, clothing and blankets to plants, spices, herbs and fresh honey (with the bees to prove it!).  There are also loads of hand crafted items as well as kitchen wares and fabric by the yard.  This week, I was on the hunt for bathroom rugs, but no luck. They have just about everything else you can think of. If you also want to purchase rugs, like those vintage runner rugs, fortunately, you can avail them with convenience online.

We really enjoyed walking up and down the aisles and checking out each location. Alan spotted a bikini on clearance for 3 Euros and asked if he could buy it for me. LOL..Right! That thing wouldn’t have left anything to the imagination. (I guess that was the point.) Sweet he still loves me after 15 1/2 yrs! 😉   It sure is fun having time for the two of us to just hang out and goof around.

As we roam the stalls you can hear a man’s voice yelling out yelling out “Agua fria, Fanta…Agua fria Fanta”.  Then he walks by, he is pushing around and ice chest, of course full of cold water or soda. It was hot and tempting to buy, but we decided to head out and finish our errands. There are a couple of other little markets around town, that we will be checking out as well.

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  1. Should have taken a picture of the bikini, would be interesting to see what passes for one in Europe… considering that most men wear those skimpy Speedos (but shouldn’t) :-p

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