Our first weekend living in Spain

During the week, we have been busy with either looking for a place to live or with administrative type work to get registered.  The weekend has arrived and now we can just relax and play. 

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the beach and the many playgrounds. We also went to the “big town” of Motril and found a huge supermarket.  I guess it goes without saying that Seafood is a big one here and there is just about everything you can think of for sale.  We also enjoyed the pools at our short-term apartment, way up on the hill above town.

The kids also were a bit creative and decided to dress like crazy fools and have a “snowball” fight in the 92’F weather.  They wore several layers of clothes, each with one of Anya’s skorts on their head. They wadded up paper to make their snowballs and outside they went.




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