Fountains of the World

fountains of the world
Calle Real Almuñécar , Spain

No matter where you go, you will find fountains of the world.  As an expat family living in Spain, we have noticed that every city, town, pueblo and village in Spain will have a water fountain.  Many are still functioning as a drinking fountains and we have used them.  Some are hundreds of years old and that just boggles my “American Mind”.  In the United States, we think things that are 100-200 years old are “old”.  How did they build such beautiful functioning things so many years ago?

I couldn’t help but to capture pictures  here and there and start this Gallery:
“Fountains of the World”
For the moment, it is mainly Fountains of Spain, but we will add more as we travel.  In time it will become Fountains of the world.  These aren’t all famous or grand, but beautiful just the same.  If you have a killer photo of a fountain send it over to us so we can take a peek.  Perhaps we can visit it too.

Fountains of the World

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