Almuñécar – Costa Tropical Video (Granada, Spain)

Almuñécar January 25, 2013Well we have been living in Almuñécar for seven months now and thought we would make a video of the area.  We just love how much there is to appreciate and explore in this small town.  Life in Almuñécar is a much slower pace for us and we just love it.

Over time, we have taken several videos and pictures of our home town.  We thought it would be fun to share a snippet of that with you.   Please enjoy and feel free to comment.  If there is something you would like to see, just let us know and we will do our best to provide.

Video of Almuñécar 

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Where to Stay in Costa Tropical

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10 thoughts on “Almuñécar – Costa Tropical Video (Granada, Spain)

  1. Hello,

    Lovely video and thanks for sharing.
    We know La Herradurra and visited Almunecar for a bit last year but really are not familiar with it.
    We are thinking of relocating but not sure what place will be beat suited as have to consider our kids (2 daughters aged 5,8).
    How did your kids settle? Did they make friends easily? Did they speak any spanish before?
    We are considering ISA as heard a lot of good about it but would love your opinions please?
    Also in terms of property. We would like to purchase but would like to be a walking distance to school and shops/market. Somewhere residential not just holiday rents if you know what I mean.
    Sorry for that many questions. Wish you all the best.
    Jana x

    • Oh how exciting Jana. Your kids are at the perfect age to create the adventure. Are you planning on a long-term move or a set amount of time?

      We would love to help you and do offer consulting around obtaining visas as well as relocating. If you go to our home page and select the “Move to Spain” photo, it will provide you with a wealth of free information, as well as our experiences in our area. I hope that helps. As part of the consulting we can offer a variety of services. Often is it best to speak live, as one question usually leads to another.

      If you would like select a package we can get started. Most of them are around obtaining your visa, so if you are more interested in a relocation package, just send us an email and we can provide you with those packages. Usually we send you a list of question for you to answer and you return it to us, in addition to your own questions. We will then set up a time to speak and discuss them all with you. It saves time for us all and you can still have some info in writing when we send you a follow up email after the call.

      We are curently on the road, so our schedule tends to fill up quickly with travel, activities and consulting. We look forward to speaking with you.

  2. What a great preview! I can’t wait to see it firsthand! Is there anything from the list of items from the U.S. you would like us to bring you. See, by bringing something to you, we save room for souvenirs to take back with us.

    • Next week you will get to see, hear, smell, feel and taste! Speaking of taste, I think Alan send you his “snack” wishes. We can always accept tootsie rolls and red vines. I am not sure what else he sent you, I will have him resend. Thanks!

      Yes we have seen that suitcase trick work with my mom. She brought 2 suitcases, one filled with goodies for us.
      The plan – upon return one suitcase would fit inside the other and she would only need to check one bag on the way back.
      Reality – after 6 weeks here, she is going home with 2 FULL suitcases.

  3. Oh that video is too short! And you don’t show up in it! We’d like to go to Almuñécar soon, in April or May, and meet you. Think you might have a weekend free to spend a day with us? I’m a bit limited with the weekends I can choose from, because as a typical divorcee I only get my kid a couple of weekends (sometimes even less ) a month. And I never travel without my kids!

    • You bet Serena, we’d love to meet you and the kids. We have family visiting all of April, so not sure what our plans are for the weekends yet. We should be around most of May. Just let us know as it gets closer and we can let you know. If we come your way, during decent hours, we will let you know.

      We just went to Portugal for a few days, but passed through Malaga at 5 am in one direction and 10 pm the other. We figured not good hours to stop up and meet, especially with a 10 hour drive each way for us.

      Thanks about the video. Yes we intentionally didn’t show up, so it was showing off the area. Actually the kids are in a couple of shots in old town. We will be making more.

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