Valencia Hop On Hop Off Bus

As you know we aren’t big organized tour people, but there are a few tours we do love and will take them any chance we get.  This time it was the Valencia Hop On Hop Off Bus!


Flashback to 2016:

I know you are thinking those tours aren’t for me, but we really do feel they are the best way to get around and see all of the major sites.  We did have our car with us in Valencia, but when we stay in a city we like to keep the car parked in the garage.  We feel it is best to use the public transit system or in this case the double-decker sightseeing bus.

We had the 48 hour pass and just a couple of days in Valencia, so this worked out well for us.  An even bigger bonus was having one of the stops just down the street from our apartment.  Of course what would visiting Valencia be without checking out the City of Arts and Sciences?  We zipped by it on our Segway tour, but wanted to go back and check things out from the inside of the building.

City of Arts and Sciences Valencia Spain

Luckily for us the bus tour had stops all around the area, so it was very easy to access and we even used the hop on hop off bus as a quick public transport.  We noticed it was coming down the road, so we hopped on and just took it 2 stops, to save us from walking 10 minutes.

There are 2 routes offered on this tour, Monumental Route & Maritime Route.  We did a little of each of them.  Of course the Monumental Route takes you through the main parts of the city center.  You will pass by the cathedral, central market, Quart Towers, and plenty of museums and monuments as well.

The Maritime Route takes you out to the beach, which was a first for us this time.  We have visited Valencia before, but never made it to the beaches.  The routes to intersect a few times, if you want to switch over.

Valencia hop on hop off bus tour collage

It was actually nice to see the city from a different perspective and being high up as well. There was one sculpture in the round about that just fascinated us and we still can’t figure out what it is.

City DiscoveryValencia hop on hop off bus tour

2 approaches with the Valencia hop on hop off bus

  1. Hop on and hop off as designed – listen to the tour, but be aware of when you are hopping off and what time to get back on.
  2. Just hop on and take the full loop – just sit back, see the sights and listen to the tour.

Of course when we are tired and hot, option 2 is the best.  We had a full day and already hopped off and back on, but it was 8:30pm and we just wanted to relax.  Rather than taking the metro back to our place, we opted for the hop on hop off bus, but we were only going to hop off near our apartment.  This way, we can just use the free headphones and actually listen to the tour.

I just love all of the extra little trivia you get when you are just listening.  For example, I had no idea that part of Valencia was the Formula 1 race way.  Of course I probably would know that if I were into that sort of thing.

City Discovery HOHO Bus formula 1

Our Valencia hop on hop off tour was booked with  City Discovery

Book Sightseeing Tours, Day trips, Activities and Things to do with

  • You may choose a 24 or 48 hour tour ticket on a double-decker bus
  • They offer 2 Routes each are 1 hour and 25 minutes (if you just remain on the bus)
  • Pre-recorded commentary is also provided in German, English, Spanish and French, with free headphones!

If you would like more info on the City Discovery Valencia hop on hop off tour, including route map, pricing, availability and time tables, check here.


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Disclosure:  Our experience was provided by City Discovery and all opinions are our own.

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