Look Who’s Cooking In Marrakech – Faim d’Epices

So…Where to begin?  I am probably the least qualified to write this post.  Why?  Well, it’s about food, and as you know, I’m the least Foodie person here at Wagoners Abroad.  I’m more of a Meat & Potatoes kind of guy, so when Heidi told me that we were going to do a cooking class while in Morocco, the conversation went something like this:Cooking In Marrakech Morocco with Faim d'Epices - far more than a typical cooking class. You have Foodie FUN & learn about typical Moroccan culture and traditions too. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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Where It’s Made – Lavender

We are back with another Where It’s Made post, and this time it’s about something that looks beautiful, smells divine, and makes your skin silky smooth.  I am talking about Lavender!  We got the idea from some friends of ours who did the tour, and actually volunteered in the harvesting of the lavender.Casa Lavanda Continue reading

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

One of the things I really enjoy about our Summer road trip travel adventure is that we’re learning about local products, and how they’re made.  While the Pagani Tour was awesome, we decided to do something a little more down to earth.  We took a tour of Acetaia di Giorgio and saw how they make Traditional Balsamic Vinegar firsthand.

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Who Cut The Cheese? Parmigiano-Reggiano To Be Exact

Here we are an American family of 4, living in Spain and exploring Italy!   We love Spain, but I must admit we love Italy too.  Especially the food!  As you know, Alan isn’t a big foodie, so you may have guessed, he doesn’t “get into” cheese.  It just so happens that I love cheese, well most of them anyway.   Continue reading

I Am Just A BIG KID On A Pagani Tour

I’ll admit that in this case, I didn’t want to do the write-up for this particular post.  Not because it was boring, tedious, or a pain.  In fact, it was just the opposite.  Pagani was awesome!  So why am I not thrilled to write-up our adventure?  Because, I’d rather be doing the tour rather than writing about it.

Pagani HQ

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Where it’s Made – Ron Montero Rum Distillery

Bodega Ron MonteroWhat do we love most about being expats and living in Spain?  We love to explore the local culture!  Just 15 minutes from our home is the Bodega Montero (Ron Montero Rum Distillery).  The factory and cellar for Ron Pálido Rum!  While we aren’t huge hard alcohol drinkers, we thought it would be good to take the free tour. Continue reading

Where It’s Made – Spanish Guitars

Greetings Everyone!  We’re starting 2013 off on a strong note (good one Alan!).  As I’m the guitar fan in the family, this was a particular treat for me.  We took a tour of a local Master guitar maker’s shop, and it was fascinating.

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How Olive Oil Is Made

We have officially recovered from our trip to Paris, and today we decided to visit the local olive oil factory.  It’s only about a 15 minute drive, so we all piled in the car and drove up the windy road to Otívar.  We also wanted to see if we could find the people we ran into the last time we visited and see how Olive Oil is Made.

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