Let The Kids Cook! – Inspired by Kids for Kids

It’s time to… “Let the Kids Cook!”

Let the Kids Cook! A Kids Cookbook Inspired by Kids for Kids

Independence in the Kitchen

This book was inspired by kids for kids.  The kids will have a fun time cooking for themselves or for the family.  This book is intended to allow kids to have a little independence in the kitchen.

Over 60 Recipes
+ Bonus Activities & Metric Conversion Charts

Hey Kids:  This cookbook inspired by Lars and Anya Wagoner, two fun-loving American kids living in Spain with their parents.  Since living in Spain they have been able to try new foods, but sometimes they miss their favorites from the USA.  It isn’t easy to find many of the “American treats” in Spain, so they learned how to just make it on their own.  They decided they wanted to share some of their favorites, so you can cook too!

Lars and Anya selected recipes they thought you could make yourself, but there are some that will require you to ask for an adult assistant.  If you want to make something just for you, several recipes are a single serving.

Have fun and tell your parents to “Let the Kids Cook!”

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If you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read the cookbook!

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