From Bangkok To Koh Chang Thailand – Tips And Tales

As you know we spent one week in Bangkok Thailand.  Of course since that was our first week in Thailand, we had to get used to the humidity, toilets and culture.  Lars also stepped up to the plate and ate a scorpion on a stick; please check out the video!  Following our time in Bangkok we envisioned a nice relaxing week or two at one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.  The problem was, none of them were going to be a short journey from Bangkok.

Koh Chang Ferry

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A Fantastic Neighborhood In Koh Chang Thailand

We have been in Thailand for just a short time, and we’ve already spotted a fantastic neighborhood in Koh Chang.  Our first day in Koh Chang, we walked along the beach which was a stones throw away from our hotel.  As we walked along the beach,  we found an incredible neighborhood.  It’s not the sort of neighborhood I’d want to live in, but incredible it was!Koh-Chang-Thailand-Beach-HutsKoh-Chang-Thailand-Living Continue reading