Pueblo Blanco – Frigiliana Spain “Photo Walk”

Frigiliana Spain –  A small white village located on the Eastern edge of the Malaga Province, in Andalucia.  Just 6 km in the hills above Nerja and about 45 minutes from the Malaga Airport.  This is a perfect place for an afternoon away to explore a quaint Spanish Village.  Today we are going to take you on a “Photo Walk” of Calle Real (the main street in the Old part of town).  This is the well-preserved part of the village, with a Moorish origin.

Nestled in the hills above Nerja is Frigiliana Spain

Frigiliana Spain – Town Center

As you enter the center of town, you will find some parking, a playground, toilets and a tourist train.  From here you can branch off into a few directions.  Today, we explored the Calle Real just above the playground, the spot where this photo was taken.   In this photo, just behind the train on the left is the street that will take you to the Tourist Information Center.

Frigiliana local playground

Just above the playground, you have a few options in the “Old Town”.  Directly in the center is one of many cute Tapas Bars.  We will save that for later.  To the left, takes you back down to the main road through town.  To the right, takes you up along “Calle Real”.  A hard right takes you just one block to a ceramic shop.  Let’s go down Calle Real!A local shop

Just beyond the tapas bar was this intersection.  Oh, I just love this place!  Up to the right is pedestrian only and mainly homes.  We did see a couple of scooters climb the stairs as well.  When there is a will, there is a way.   We continued to the left down Calle Real. At first glance, it appeared to be the path with fewer hills and stairs.  This was proven to be incorrect just around the corner.  Here you will find small tourist shops open, often with living quarters above.

Frigiliana Spain perfect for an afternoon away

Take note of the street option on the left below, see how narrow it is?  Well, it is for pedestrians and cars!  Believe me, when a car comes by, you better suck it up and cling to a wall or run to the nearest doorway.  Now, most cars aren’t going at high speed, but there is very little wiggle room around the mirrors. It was good for some laughs, that’s for sure.  It felt like we were kids playing ball in the street growing up.  If any of us heard a car coming, we would yell “Car”! And then we would all scramble.

Frigiliana Main Street

There is no shortage of stairs in this village.  We liked to take them just to see where they went, but then would come back to Calle Real.  I just loved seeing where people live.  When we were planning to move here, I thought I wanted to live in a small village like this.  I am glad we live in a small town instead.  I don’t think I would like to carry groceries up all of the hills and stairs.  I must say there were plenty of locals nearly twice my age, just whizzing along up all of these hills and stairs.  I should just come here daily for a workout.

There are plenty of stairs to be found

Explore off the main street

This little detour took us to a great produce shop.   Aren’t the streets incredible!  They are so narrow with such intricate cobble stone designs.  I wonder how old they are?  I tried to search on the web, but couldn’t find any info.  The doorways are so short, I don’t think Alan would like ducking every exit and entry.It is great to discover what is hidden. The streets have such intricate designs

Such small doors and entries

Just about every Spanish Town has a local water fountain.  I have been taking pictures of all that we see and will eventually make a gallery of them.  I liked that this was multipurpose, a water fountain and a lamp-post.
The local water fountain/lamp post

Close up of the fountain

Of course the village of Frigiliana Spain wouldn’t be complete without a quick peek at the local church.  We just took a look inside and it was so quaint.  We didn’t want to take pictures as there were a few locals in there with us and we didn’t want to disturb them. Frigiliana church

We loved walking around this part of the village.  We have been here several times and each time we choose to take a few hours and roam around a different area.

Frigiliana, Spain

On the more adventurous side of Frigiliana Spain, you can go on a Quad Bike Tour.  There are also miles, miles and more miles of hiking trails.  This is a wonderful village to take things slow and enjoy the moment as well as get your exercise!

Frigiliana Spain Tourist Train Info

Frigiliana Tourist Train

It is perfect to combine you visit to Frigiliana Spain with the nearby Nerja Caves.  You may also like to explore Balcón de Europa in Nerja Spain.

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