Nerja Caves 6 Wise Tips for Cuevas de Nerja

You should carve out a couple of hours to visit the Nerja Caves (Cuevas de Nerja), as well as the exterior grounds/park.  Just on the Eastern edge of Costa del Sol, bordering Costa Tropical, you will find the town of Nerja, Spain.  This is where you will find the fascinating caves of Nerja!  If you need a break from the sun, why not bond with mother nature underground style.    Nerja Caves Stalactites - so cool! You should visit the Nerja Caves in Costa del Sol. Here are the top tips to prepare you for your visit to the caves of Nerja. Also known as Cuevas de Nerja. Read more on

This is the perfect day trip from any location on the Costa del Sol or just a 15 minute drive west, from our town of Almuñécar.  As you enter the Nerja caves you are in a small chamber area full of Stalagmites rising up from the ground and Stalactites, tapering accordion like structures, hanging like icicles from the roof of a cave.

Side Note:  While in the cave, we couldn’t remember if Stalagmites were up or down. So here is the trick we used to remember moving forward, because as you know this is life saving information you should always remember.  🙂   Stalactites – this has a “T” in the name and “T” stands for Top!  These come down from the Top.   Stalagmites have an “M” in the name and “M” stands for Mound.   Mounds are found on the ground going up.  Phew, aren’t you glad we told you this trick?


Now that we have all of that cleared up, how about some tips and then some cool photos?  It is very difficult to capture the full experience into words.  Without a doubt photos help, but there is nothing like being there to trigger all of your senses and to get your mind thinking when you are in the caves in Nerja.  The Nerja cave was very spacious and you can’t help but wonder what lives/lived in this place.  How long has it been here?  Isn’t nature the coolest thing ever?!

We really enjoyed our time in the caves.  It was a perfect afternoon activity for the kids and they are now becoming cave experts.  In 2011 we toured the Rio Camuy Caves Park, in Puerto Rico and recently enjoyed all of the caves and tunnels in Gibraltar.  They do hold concerts in the caves of Nerja during the summer months, so we want to be sure to return and enjoy that experience as well.

 Nerja Caves! 6 Wise Tips for Cuevas de Nerja

  1. Wear shoes with good soles! (no flip flops)

    The interior of the caves of Nerja can be slightly wet in areas, so it is wise to have no slip shoes.  The paths you follow through the caves have  lighting, but it can be dark in some areas.  If you are wearing the proper shoes, you should be less likely to trip.  Remember it is a cave, so don’t expect daylight.


  2. Don’t arrive at opening time!

    Perhaps it is best to arrive 30 min after opening or 90 min before closing.  We arrived right at 4 pm and there was quite the line (queue) to purchase the entry tickets into the Nerja caves.  There was just one person manning the ticket window, so this did take a bit of time.  When we exited the cave, about 5:30 pm, there was no one waiting to purchase tickets at all.  Not only does this save you time in the line, but it should be less crowded inside.  Just think all of those people in line with you, also enter and follow the same path as you.  Take it Spanish style and don’t be so prompt.  I think you will enjoy the Nerja-caves that way.

    You may also prefer to leave the driving to someone else and book a tour from Granada or a tour from the Costa del Sol.


  3. Layer your clothing!

    Did I mention this was a cave?  As you first enter it can be a bit on the chilly and damp side, depending on the weather outside.  As you descend further into the cave, you will find that there are pockets of warmth and humidity.  Not to mention you have been walking up/down stairs and effectively small hills.  This can get your blood circulating and make you a bit warm.  Just layer yourself so you can have that light jacket or sweater to put on and take off as needed.


  4. Turn off your flash!

    No flash photography inside the cave.  We all want pictures to capture our experiences.  In a cave you are tempted to put on that flash, but as you can imagine that would really mess with the eyes.  You can take some great photos with no flash, just follow the rules and you will have happy fellow travelers.  Not to mention, you will avoid a scolding from security.  (Just a wild hunch)

  5. Take your time!

    Wondering how much time is needed to visit the Nerja caves?  That is a difficult question to answer, because it is a self guided walk through the caves.  You can probably walk through the entire thing in 20 minutes, if you were on a mission.  If you do that, why bother going?  I mean really, this is a sight to see and you should take it slow.  Take your time and really soak it all in.  Marvel at mother nature and the vastness of the cave.  The shapes, sounds, smells and textures are incredible and you should really experience all that you can.  Don’t let it be just a checked activity on your list of things to do.  I would plan for about 1 hour to view the caves and soak it all in.

  6. Visit on a Sunday

    This isn’t a must, but visiting the Nerja Caves is perfect for a Sunday activity or if the Nerja weather is acting up (too hot or when it is rarely raining).  There aren’t many things open on a Sunday in Spain, so why not take the family to the Cuevas de Nerja!  The Cueva de Nerja is open every day of the year except January 1 and May 15.  The hours vary for winter/summer.

    Winter10:00 to 14:0016:00 to 18:30
    Summer10:00 to 19:30

Getting To The Caves of Nerja

The caves are located across the N340 from the sea.  It is about 20 minutes west of Almuñécar and 30 minutes east of Malaga.  There is parking onsite for about € 1-2.

The caves in Nerja Frequently asked Questions


Cuevas de Nerja  – The Nerja Caves location

Ctra de Maro
Tel: 95 252 95 20

Nerja Caves Tickets & Pricing

Standard ages 12 & up  € 10.00
Children ages 6-12        € 6.00
Children Under 6            Free
Nerja Caves opening times

Nerja Caves opening times

For more information on Cueva de Nerja tickets or the Nerja Caves opening times, just  click here for the most up to date information.  The general visit begins with the screening of an audiovisual presentation in which you will be able to see details of the cave (10 minutes). This is followed by an audio-guided visit through the different chambers of the Cave, lasting about 45 minutes. The audio guide is in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Russian.

Please visit the official Cuevas de Nerja website for up to date information, directions and Nerja Caves opening times. Here is another site about the Nerja Caves site with additional information. 

Nerja Caves Free Entry

Free entry to the Nerja Caves
Monday – Friday before 09:30 (advance tickets needed)
Reserve your Free & Standard Tickets Here

Free entry to the Nerja Caves Monday - Friday before 09:30 (advance tickets needed)Official Terms below:

A free visit, from Monday to Friday at 9:30 a.m. with a limited capacity of 60 daily tickets for members of the European Union, through the different rooms of the Cave, Audio guide not included.

This free visit has a limited capacity of 60 daily tickets: 40 is purchased online and 20 available at the box office, in order of arrival, to be purchased from 9:15 to 9:30 and with a maximum of 2 tickets per person. They are valid to enter exclusively at the 9:30 am shift.

Free online tickets can be purchased 48 hours before the days of the visit.
For example: if you want to go on a Wednesday, it can be obtained from the previous Monday.

The audio guide is not included: if you want to have it – something we recommend – you must pay € 1. It is available in: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

Organized Tours

You may also prefer to leave the driving to someone else and book a tour from Granada or a tour from the Costa del Sol.  There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Malaga Deals!

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