Lo Pagan Mud Baths! How To Take A Mud Bath

We ventured to Lo Pagan Mar Menor, Spain for the weekend, so we could experience the healing powers of the natural Lo Pagan mud baths!  Lo Pagan in the Murcia province, part of Costa Blanca Spain,  is the place to go and it is easy access. It is about 3 1/2 hours from Almuñécar, 4 hours Northeast of Costa del Sol, 2 1/2 hours South of Valencia and 4 hours Southeast of Madrid.

 Lo Pagan Mud Baths! How To Take A Mud Bath in Costa Blanca Spain. Complete instructions on what to do and how to get to the Lo Pagan mud baths Costa Blanca Spain. It is free, fun and it makes you feel great. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

First of all, let me tell you what we envisioned for our mud bath and then we will share the real deal with you.  We all had visions of a big oooey gooey mud pit with nice clean smooth mud for our Mar Menor mud bath.  Next, we thought we would step into it and sink to our knees and have trouble trying to walk and move around.  We would sit in the mud for a bit, get out and let it dry.  As we allow it to dry, we would be benefiting from all of the minerals and “healing powers” of this special mud.  Then walk over to the sea to rinse off and away we would go with healthy glowing skin.

Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath

The kids were thinking it was going to be like quick sand and just suck them up to the center of the earth.  Of course there would be time to have a mud fight, throw it at each other and go crazy too.  Leave it up to the kids to think that, as it’s got to be really exciting right?  Well, once we arrived we found it to be a little bit different from what any of us were thinking.  It wasn’t really a “mud bath”, but more of a warm “mud rub”.

Here’s How To Take A Mud Bath

Arrival – Lo Pagan mud baths (Mar Menor, Spain).

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Starting from the windmill go along the elevated walking and cycling promenade.  To the left of the promenade is a small shallow and salty lagoon.  To the right of the promenade is Mar Menor (Small Sea).
Lo Pagan Mud Bath Promenade

Entering into the Mud Baths MurciaMud at Mar Menor


Walk along the promenade and select one of many platforms to enter the “mud”. You may enter directly from the shore, but the silkier mud is out a little bit and you will need to walk further in the mud.  Stop to view the others partaking in this activity and remember soon “you will look just like them!”.

Lo Pagan Mud Baths platform

Each platform has a few steps to ease you into the mud.  As you step down you feel the cold chill of the salty water and with your final step you are in the ooshie gooshie mud.  But wait!  The mud is warm, very warm and the water is cool.  That was a very weird and unexpected sensation, but makes sense as the mud / silt is black and absorbs the heat.  The water is shallow (maybe knee-deep) and isn’t too warm.

Application of the mud

Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (2) As you can see you are in the water and the mud is at the bottom.  It is a good idea to bring some sort of container so you can scoop the mud and then apply.  We were luck enough to find a previously used container at the edge of the platform and made that our own.  We filled with mud and applied to each of us.

Note:  The water doesn’t really smell, but the mud itself has that distinct sulfur, rotten egg smell.  It wasn’t overpowering and you do get used to it.  Let’s just say be prepared as it bakes on you. 

Mud bath applicationAs you can see Alan became the family expert at mud painting.  My job was the family mud scooper, then I would quickly hop out, clean my hands for photos and then back in.  I kept scooping and filling up the container until everyone was covered and cleaning my hands until we had photos.  Then Alan applied the last container full to me.
Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath

 Drying and baking on the mud

mud drying and posingThis is actually a tricky process.  I know you are thinking “How difficult is it to dry?”.   Well let me tell you the responsibility you now have.  You aren’t just someone covered in mud, you have become a tourist attraction!

You can’t just sit there basking in the sun for 20-30 minutes.  No, you need to bring some value to the are of mud drying.  It is your responsibility to make sure you proudly walk the promenade (the mud catwalk).Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (11)You must pretend you are the incredible hulk or some other superhero.  Don’t laugh too much, you will literally crack up!
Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (6) Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (3)Note:  Make sure one person in your party keeps their hands mud free, so you can take loads of photos.  That was me!  I looked like I was wearing gloves, but couldn’t get a good photo of myself.Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (8)

The Rinse

A local guy giving us a thumbs up on the experience.

This part is pretty self-explanatory.  Back into the water you go.  This stuff doesn’t just wash away, you need to wipe and scrub.

We noticed many of the experienced people brought along a sponge.  That was not something we thought to bring, so we had to get a little crafty.  We first tried just using our hands to wipe it off and it got about 90% of it.  Oh no, how were we going to get this off?  Then Alan had a bright idea and took one for the team.  He remained under water (head still out) and took off his shorts, so we could all have something to use as a wash cloth.  LOL.  The kids got a kick out of that. Sorry no photos as we were all in the water.

Before the shorts came off.

Clean up

This part was a breeze.  We just gathered our things and dried off.  We walked back up the promenade to the beach to find a shower, as most beaches in Spain have showers galore.  Well, most beaches other than this one!  We could only find one wash area and it was mainly for your feet.  To top it all off, it was only sea water.  We did another rinse as best we could and then hopped into the car.  On the way, in we spotted a shopping mall, so we returned there and went in to wash as best we could in the public bathrooms.

We had a blast and wished we lived closer, so we could go more often.  After a little lunch we hopped in the car and began our 3 1/2 – 4 hour journey home.  Remember that “odor” I told you about?  Well, just because you rinse doesn’t mean it goes away.  Let’s just say our car ride home was full of aroma!

Side Note from Alan:

We use Google Maps pretty much exclusively, and we love it, but sometimes Google Maps really drops the ball.  When Heidi reserved our apartment, she wanted something close to the mud area.  What we got was something not-so-close.
As a demonstration, let me explain what happened.  With your left hand, make the shape of a “C”.  Imagine the mud area is located near the tip of your index finger.  Now imagine that we were located at the tip of your thumb.  Google Maps had the time to the mud area as a leisurely 10 minute drive.  But wait, do you see that gap between your thumb and finger?  In reality, that gap is sea water.  Sea water and no bridge.
So what that means is that Google lied, and our 10 minute drive turned into 45 minutes.  It turned out it was totally worth it though.  Oh, you can put your hand down.

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In the region of Murcia Spain, you will find the town of Lo Pagan. Here you will be able to experience a FREE mud bath with many healing qualities and family friendly fun. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com 
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Organized Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour. There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.


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