Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

So you are planning a trip for a week or a year and that dreaded question comes up.  Should you buy travel insurance?  This is really a personal choice for each and every person.  When we traveled Southeast Asia for 10 months, we opted to buy travel insurance.  We wanted to be sure we were covered for the unexpected.  We’ve heard many stories of people having accidents and wishing they had travel insurance.  We can only hope every day is a peaceful day.
So you are planning a trip for a week or a year and that dreaded question comes up. Should you buy travel insurance? This is really a personal choice for each and every person. Waterfall and Scooter gorgeous sunset

Of course we can’t all predict the future, but you never know when an accident will happen.  Is it better to purchase the insurance and not need to use it or to not purchase it and wish you had?  I know we haven’t taken the risk, but it is really up to you.

When traveling in Southeast Asia, medical and dental services are very inexpensive.  We were all about experiences, so we had an active life and did adventurous activities.  We especially loved all of our scooter day adventures.  With each of these choices, we put ourselves in a higher risk category for the dreaded “accident”.  We don’t want to just live our lives sitting at home and we wanted to do all of those fun things.  So, with our purchase of travel insurance, it gave us peace of mind.

We have purchased ours through World Nomads.  Thankfully we have not had to make any claims against it, so we have not experienced the claims process.

Tip  – if you are looking for long-term travel insurance coverage like we did, we found it was cheaper to purchase 6 months at a time, rather than 12 months.  Shh don’t tell them we told you.  There must be some bug in their system.

While we can’t advise you if you should or shouldn’t make the purchase, we can only share with you our choices.  You will need to do what is right for you and your family.  When we are based in Spain, we opt for private Spanish medical insurance.

Travel insurance: simple & flexible

You can buy, extend and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from over 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travelers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

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So you are planning a trip for a week or year and that dreaded question comes up. Should you buy travel insurance?  We provide expert tips & advice for you! Read more on

7 things to know about World Nomads travel insurance


  1. Internationally recognized underwriters
    World Nomads is backed by a suite of specialist travel insurers that provide 24/7 emergency assistance, customer service and claims support.
  2. 24/7 emergency assistance
    If you need medical assistance or emergency medical evacuation, World Nomads’ multi-lingual team is available 24/7 to connect you with medical treatment and transportation during your trip.
  3. Buy and claim on the road
    Had a change of plans? You can extend your period of cover or claim online at any point in your journey. You can even buy a World Nomads policy if you’re already travelling.
  4. Adventure activity coverage
    Designed by travelers, for travelers, World Nomads covers over 150 adventure sports and activities so you can explore your boundaries.
  5. Travel safety tips and alerts
    World Nomads provides useful and up-to-date travel insurance information and global travel safety advice to help you plan for your journey and navigate the risks.
  6. Donate and make a difference
    When you buy travel insurance with World Nomads, you can make a micro-donation to a community development project to help change lives in the destinations that need it most.
  7. Travel content to help inspire, educate and plan
    Plan your trip with free destination guides, develop your travel storytelling skills and learn how you can be a more responsible traveler with World Nomads as your travel companion.

World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

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