An Almuñécar Summer – We Are Going Local!

Many people are asking about summer plans for Wagoners Abroad, so now you will get the official answer!  This time we are going local with an Almuñécar summer!  Yep you got it, we are hanging around Almuñécar and southern Spain.  But that doesn’t mean our summer won’t be full of adventure.San Cristobal Beach view in the summer. An Almuñécar Summer - We Are Going Local!

Summer in Almuñécar starts when school lets out the 3rd week in June and runs through the 2nd week of September.  So we have the same number of weeks in summer as the USA, but it is all about one month later.  I know many of you are already enjoying your summer and we still have a little more time to go.  Do you want to know what we have planned so far?

An Almuñécar summer and a little more!

This summer we are going to focus on our local area, short day trips and possibly a few short breaks or weekend getaways!  Believe it or not, much of what we are planning is all part of a bigger research project.  Yep, it is our master plan to build up the content for our Almuñécar Info website.  Of course we will write about our personal adventures on Wagoners Abroad, but we are building up sections on our other site for Things to do, Day Trips, and Short Breaks.

Sidenote:  There are now many of our blog readers, living locally in our area, so we have an opportunity for you.  We obviously can’t do or see everything, so if you would like to write a guest post for Almuñé, (Things to do, Day Trips, and Short Breaks).  This is not paid work, but we will certainly give you credit as the author.  🙂  Thanks in advance!  Please contact us for more info.

Almuñécar summer fun! Things to do, places to stay, places to eat.Don’t you love our new logo above?  Alan made it!  Gracias!


Currently on the travel books for our Summer


As soon as school is out, we are taking a short break at a golf resort in Almeria!  Be on the lookout for our adventures to begin late June.  We will be spending 4 nights at the resort with pools, spa services and food is included!  This is going to be a much-needed traditional vacation time for us.  We are usually so full of activities and working while we are on vacation, so this time we want to do plenty of hanging out and enjoying the resort.  We don’t have any excursions or sightseeing planned at this time, so we will see if we stick to the plan.

Updated info in RED

I wrote this post about 10 days ago and scheduled it for today.  Since that time our world and plans have take a different path. I thought it would be fun for you to see our original plan and then the new updates rather than just rewriting it all.  This is how our life ususally works, we just go with the flow!

Last-minute change of plans.  

Well, it looks like we need to move our Almeria trip out a bit, but hopefully over the summer.  We have so much going on and it all has to do with an American TV show…shhhh.   No we aren’t on the show, but this show is coming to our town because they found us.  We have connected them with all of the right people and are helping them with all of the local production services.  That is about all I can say for now, but it is fun.  The show should air in September, so I will find out when we can tell you more.  Again, we are not on the show, just the chickens with our heads cut off helping make it happen.  🙂  exciting times!

1 Kid in Madrid

Just 2 days after returning from our bliss at the golf resort, Lars will be off to volunteer at Pueblo Inglés.  This time he will be gone for 2 weeks, helping others improve their spoken English.  If you remember,  last summer he volunteered for Pueblo Inglés, as a native English speaker, for 1 week in La Rioja.  Lars had such a wonderful experience and made lifelong friends, with whom he still keeps in touch.  He loved it so much he is booked again!

1 Mom off to Madrid  (Already a change in plans!)

Lars will be back home in mid-July and we will just have one full week together as a family.  Then it is my turn to run off for a couple of weeks and immerse in Spanish!  Yep, I am going to Pueblo Español!  I have one week scheduled in Madrid for intensive language classes.  At the end of that week, I will be off to Salamanca for 8 days!  You can read more about our path to Pueblo Español on the blog.

Updated info (Heidi is going to Pueblo Español in June rather than July).  Watch for live updates on Facebook June 11th – 23rd, 2017.  This leaves our summer from mid-July to late August wide open!

For now that is all we have booked and we have a few weeks open in August to take on more family fun.

What are we going to do Almuñécar?

One problem with working from home and building a business, is that you are always working.  It doesn’t matter if we are home or on the road, it all just keeps on going.  That said, we do have a few business projects up our sleeves for the summer.  To bad it can’t all be fun, but we always have that amazing view to fuel each day.

Almunecar our amazing daily view.

Of course when we decide to stop working, we will be spending more time in the sea.  How can we resist that beautiful blue Mediterranean water?  How about kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, and more!  It is funny we have traveled all over the world, to do the same exact activities we have right out our door!  Perhaps we may even get some off-road activities in and most definitely some hiking and exploring.

Of course, we also plan to enjoy some of the items we have on our own website in the Things to do in Almuñécar list, but hopefully we will also find new things to add to our list.  Without a doubt our plans include keeping you posted.  I am thinking some rafting may be in order!

Who knows, maybe we will go paragliding again!

Adventures with Anya - The best place to go Paragliding in Spain. Read more on or watch the video on YouTube

The strangest feeling!

It’s so strange we’ve been here nearly 5 years and it’s going to be the first time we’re here the full summer.  When we first arrived, it was the end of August 2012.  The following summer 2013, we went on an amazing 6 week summer road trip through, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Andorra and Spain.  The summer of 2014, we had a 3 week road trip in Europe in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Sweden, then it was off to Southeast Asia.

For our summer of 2015 we were making our way back to Spain from Asia, via the USA.  We were in Almuñécar briefly, but had to head out a couple of weeks, as our apartment had previously been rented to as a holiday apartment.  We spent a week in Granada and a little over a week in Mijas.  Of course the summer of 2016 was an epic 8 week summer road trip through Spain and southern France.

After that road trip, the family took a vote and clearly said:

“No Big Road Trip Next Summer!”

Okay!  I got the message loud and clear!

I listened!

All of this to say, it is a strange feeling not making loads of travel plans.  I hope we enjoy our Almuñécar summer, just embracing where we are and having a grand staycation of sorts.  I hope we don’t all start to just sleep in every day and get hooked on screen time.  If we do rather than enjoying the outdoors, this grand plan may need some changing!  Just sayin’.

If you have any budget friendly suggestions for us, just comment below.  We may also take a few day trips, within 1-2 hours from home.  In addition we have one or two more short breaks of a few days.  We will play it all by ear, but we look forward to your suggestions as well.

Come on and tell us what you think!

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