Pops Of Color In Southern Spain – Almuñécar

We’ve had a very busy, yet wonderful past couple of weeks.  We will tell you all about it soon and you’ve already seen a little about our trip to Budapest on the blog.  We can’t wait to return someday, as it was a beautiful city.  We’ve been enjoying our time with family and friends visiting (Grandma Linda and Marg) and today was our first day waking up without them here. Just after sunrise this morning, there was a low eerie fog hovering over the town, the sea and surrounding the rocks.  The Mediterranean was strangely still and so crystal clear, you could see the bottom.  We all knew we would be sad on this day and miss Grandma Linda and perhaps the sea did too. Pops of color - Spring day in Almunecar We all went about our normal routine for the morning, the kids had breakfast and it was off to school.  Alan and I worked a bit and caught up on emails and other things.  Later in the morning, I stepped out to run a few errands. I still needed to replace my crushed smartphone!

I just can’t figure out how I did it, but that bad boy is never going to work again.  I had it in my jacket pocket for the day.  It was warm and I took the jacket off and tied it around my waist.  The phone was in the pocket dangling all day.  The only thing I can think of, is perhaps I shut it in the car door?  That said, I have no recollection of the door not being able to close, because something was in the way.  Ug, this is so frustrating.

Oh yes, I was telling you about the day.  See that phone has me so angry with myself, but I can’t live without my little mobile computer smartphone.  Where was I?  Oh yes, out for the errands…The fog had lifted, the golden sun was generously shining it rays down and it felt like Spring!  It was a warm wonderfully perfect day, with just the slightest breeze.  It felt good to be out walking around and just enjoying the energy of our town.  Then it hit me:  We will soon need to say goodbye to this town too. Pops of color - Spring day in Almunecar (2) We don’t like to say goodbye, we prefer “see you later”.  For some reason, it just makes it easier to digest.  In exactly 2 months we will move away from Almuñécar and Spain. It will be time to embark on our new adventure and see where the wind will blow us.  We have made great friends here in Spain and will keep in touch.  Our plan is to return in a year, but you just never know what the future will really hold for you.

As I was running my errands, I slowed down a bit and really soaked up the vibe in the town.  As I passed very familiar streets or houses, I stopped to see the burst of color that I knew would be waiting for me. I feel I know the little nooks and crannies of this town and I love all of the hidden gems it has to offer.

Just walking by a small white home, with a textured stone wall and a Kabam! of bright yet soft Magenta accenting the two hard surfaces.  While I didn’t have my camera out with me today, I wasn’t able to take photos.  I know you are thinking, “Well, you must have had your camera on your phone.”  Nope!  Remember I magically crushed the screen on my phone and it doesn’t work.  Today I was out without technology.

Okay, back to the town. It was very bittersweet walking around and I know it will just get more difficult as time passes.  We have two more months to enjoy all that we have.  I still remain in awe that we have been here nearly two years.  At the same time, the excitement builds for our final month traveling in Europe (Holland, Belgium, France) and our new adventures in Southeast Asia this summer.

After returning home, I just couldn’t get enough time on the terrace enjoying everything the day had to offer.  I could see the pops of color on all of the nearby terraces, as well as here and there as far as the eye could see.  Then it hit me, I need to run out and take more photos. I don’t want to forget this Spring day or that awesome Bougainvillea vine.  I want to take a photo of some of my favorite little pops of color that we pass nearly every day. The deep, rich purple and the bright vibrant magenta.  I will just share a few with you as a photo collage, enjoy!

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