Mallorca Catamaran Tour with Alcudia Sea Trips

When you go on holiday to the popular tourist destination of Mallorca, you want to get out on the open sea.  What better way to do that by taking a Catamaran Tour.  We did just that with Alcudia Sea Trips.


Flashback to 2016:

It’s funny.  We live on the Mediterranean.  We see it, smell it, and hear it during our “normal” everyday life.  But to be honest, we don’t actually get in it much.  The great thing about our catamaran tour is that is about to change.  We are going to feel (and probably taste) the cool Med.

The Start of our Journey

The trip leaves out of Port d’Alcudia from the main harbor.  There is a small building just off the water, so it’s very easy to find.  Check-in was as simple as providing our names, and then wait to board.  I didn’t get the specs on the boat, but it’s a big catamaran.  I’d estimate around 40 ft. long.  We only waited a few minutes, and it was time to board.  For those not familiar with the layout of a catamaran, there are typically two “trampoline” areas near the front separated by a catwalk.  This trampoline is about 10′ x 10′, and very springy.  Oh, and other than the netting/webbing, it’s right above the water (more about this later).  


As people were getting on, the trampoline areas were very popular.  A bunch of people young and old were laying down towels, and staking out their piece of real estate.  We opted for the seating rearward of the trampoline areas.  There were cubbies for storing gear, and once we got our gear stowed, we waited for everyone to board.  The salon area (covered seating forward of the cockpit) was very large, and there was plenty of seating areas on the port/starboard sides.  My initial worry was that Alcudia Sea Trips was going to fill all these seats, but luckily the number of passengers was reasonable, and there was plenty of room to walk around.

We weren’t on long, before it was time to shove off.  The captain, Luis, runs a tight ship, and we left the port on time.  Once we were out of the port area, we started our counter-clockwise journey around Mallorca to Illa de Formentor.  It was indeed a bit choppy, but not too bad.  Remember how I mentioned that the trampoline area was right above the water?  Well, a lot of those people on it found out once we started hitting the waves.  There were a few shrieks (the water was a bit cool, after all), and a bunch of bouncing.

Someone’s Getting Wet

A few of the people on the trampolines were getting fairly wet, and decided to move.  Our daughter wanted to check it out.  She’s my little adrenaline junkie, and loves anything that smacks of a roller coaster or water ride. With a very little nudging, she got me to go out to the front part of trampoline at the bow, and we enjoyed the ride!

Alcudia-Sea-Trips-Mallorca-Alan-Lars-Heidi-trampolineThe waves weren’t too bad, but there were some good swells, where we would go uuuuup, and then come down.  It wasn’t a harsh ride at all, but we were definitely getting wet.  Our daugher was squealing with delight, and our fellow trampoline-mates were having a blast too.  Some people got so wet, that they were wringing out their towels or clothes.

Our tour around the island was gorgeous.  The waves have etched the limestone cliffs, so there are numerous caves along the coast.  Our path gave us an excellent view of the geology of Mallorca.  It’s other-worldly in many places.  Normally, we would make a stop at a beach, but with the wind and waves, the captain decided continue on to our final destination.


Arriving at the Destination

Another 30 minutes or so, and we anchored just off the leeward side of an island called Illa de Formentor.  Now it was time to really get wet!  The captain gave the notification that we could jump off the bow, and with the A-OK given, I leaped in.  Geronimo!  It wasn’t cold, but it was refreshing at first.  It didn’t take long at all to get used to it.  Several people were anxious to jump in, and pretty much all of them asked me if it was really cold.  “Come on in!  It’s nice!”.

Getting back in the boat was a piece of cake.  Along the catwalk, there was a wide staircase that was lowered into the water.  This was a nice touch, and great for those with mobility issues.  If you’ve ever tried to get back on a boat while using a typical boat ladder, you know it has its challenges.  There were two standard ladders at the back of our boat.

Enjoying the Water

While anchored, the boat had a number of activities.  They provided snorkels and masks for those that wanted to search for underwater life.  There were also three kayaks, a standup paddle board, and a small floating foam platform.  Once the kids were done jumping off the bow of the boat, they took turns doing the other activities.  I had a go at the paddle board, but my lack of balance means I couldn’t quite get to a standing position.

Time to Eat

After 45 minutes of water play, the captain announced that food would be served soon.  That was good because we were all building quite an appetite with all of the fun.  It sure smelled delicious.  It wasn’t long before the captain rang the proverbial dinner bell, and a nice orderly line formed.  The food was good fare.  There was cold pasta salad, chicken, pork, hot dog, bread roll, and the drinks consisted of water, soft-drinks, or sangria.

I’m normally not a big fan of cold pasta, but this was very tasty.  The portions were big, and there was enough food for seconds.  After the main meal, freshly-cut watermelon was served, and did that ever hit the spot!  I should also mention that they sold beer, snacks, and other beverages on board.

Once we were all stuffed, I decided to jump off the boat one more time, and then it was time to find out what the kids were up to.  The kids were trying to get in one of the kayaks at the same time.  It was funny because one kid would get on, knocking the other off.  They tried a few times, to both get on, but they were not successful.  It was funny though.  The captain informed everyone that we were going to be leaving shortly, so I told the kids to get back on the boat.  I could tell they wanted to play some more, but it was time to head back.

Our Journey back to Port

Once everyone was out of the water, and the water toys were stowed securely, it was time to head back.  We motored out originally, but our voyage back would be under sail power.  Sweet!  One of the crew asked for 4 guys, and I volunteered without really knowing what I was volunteering for.  Typical me.  With that, the four of us were handed a line, and told to raise the mainsail.  We got into a rhythm, but were a bit on the weak side (it’s tiring!), and another guy joined in, and we made short work of getting the sail up.  Our reward was a nice cold beer.  You see, it does pay to volunteer sometimes.


As fun as the catamaran tour out was, I really enjoyed the trip back.  The waves had died down a bit, and it wasn’t so choppy, and being under sail power was very cool.  You could feel the boat surge as it was cutting through the water.  I don’t know what it is about sailing, but I tend to romanticize the sailing lifestyle.  I’d love to be able to live aboard a sailboat, and go where the wind takes me.

The trip back to port seemed much faster, and before you know it, we could see the port.  We docked at the harbor, and our journey was over.  A big shout out to the captain (Luis), and crew (Alex / Llorenç).  They provided a very scenic tour with good food and fun.  Bring your camera and sense of adventure for a great time.

Catamaran Tour Contact Info

Alcudia Sea Trips offers many different tour packages for those who want to get out on the water.

Passeig Marítim s/n
07410 – Port d’Alcúdia · Mallorca
Telephone:  971 54 58 11

Disclosure:  Our experience was provided by Alcudia Sea Tours and all opinions are our own.

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