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We kicked off our 8 week European road trip the right way, with a luxury villa Mallorca style.  Yes, we stayed a full week at a luxury villa and farmhouse in Puerto Pollensa on the northwest side of the island.  We had such a wonderful experience and will share a bit of it with you.

Luxury Villa Mallorca Puerto Pollensa Spain. A great family friendly location with so many things to do. This was a Travelopo luxury villa. Read more on

Flashback to 2016:

We were fortunate enough to work with a company for our villa in Mallorca.  Our stay was at the beginning of high season, so all of the oceanfront villas were sold out.  This worried me a little, as I wasn’t sure how luxurious it could be if we didn’t have a sea view.  Well, I will let you be the judge of it, as we felt pretty pampered and even made our rounds and met a few of the neighbors too.

Due to flight delays and long lines at the rental car counter, we arrived at the villa in the middle of the night.  I am so very happy that they sent us very detailed driving directions to find the villa, as many of the homes don’t really have an address.  Instead they are all named, so it wasn’t so easy for Google Maps.  This was just the first sign of our top-notch service received from them.

Check out our luxury villa Mallorca!

We had a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom luxury farmhouse villa.  Two of the bedrooms had 2 twin beds each and the third bedroom had a full-sized bed.  To our pleasant surprise each of the bedrooms also had their own air-conditioning unit, which was much appreciated.  The living room was spacious and attached to a more formal style dining room.  Above that was a loft and sitting area.

The kitchen was a typical farmhouse style, open plan with a table in the middle.  There were plenty of dishes, pots, pans and utensils.  This was also a bonus, as our rentals are usually lacking something.  We really embraced the kitchen and ate most of our meals there.  It instantly felt like home to us.

collage of luxury villa Mallorca- Travelopo Porto Pollenca - Puerto Pollensa

We did think we ran out of hot water one night and called the agent.  They sent someone over right away to check on it, and it turned out it wasn’t empty.  It was our mistake and we apologized.  The couple who came over said it was no problem and started to chat with us.  It turns out they were the owners of the villa and they are both in their 80’s.  We had the best chat with them, in Spanish, and then met them again the day before our departure.  Their daughter lives in the property next door, so they were just coming to check on us to see if we needed anything.  Absolutely adorable.

The Amenities & Grounds

Mallorca Villa - Travelopo Porto Pollenca (Puerto Pollensa)

As I mentioned before this is also a farmhouse villa Mallorca style, so there was plenty of land surrounding the villa, with gardens, sculptures and plants.  We had a long gated driveway, a wonderful pool, large covered patio with dining table, and of course fruit trees.  We ate many meal sout on the patio, as it was just the perfect temperature in the shade.  Of course the gorgeous pool had plenty of use as well.

We also had some interesting neighbors next door we had a mini horse, behind us we had a herd of sheep, and just down the street there were many goats.  Here is a little fun video of a few of the neighbors.


Luxury Villa Mallorca Spain Video

I could show you photos and explain it all day, but there is nothing like a quick video to seal the deal.  Enjoy.


The Location, Beach, and Sights

The closest beach was Puerto Pollensa, about a 10 minute drive from the villa.  We also visited Puerto Alcudia as well as Playa de Muro.  All within easy access and beautiful beaches.  There is a wonderful lookout point high above the hills on the way to Formentor Beach.  This was absolutely stunning, and made me a little weak in the knees from the height.

Look out over Cape Formentor, Mallorca Spain

This entire area is a watersports paradise and we made full use of all of the activities.  We took a day tour out on a huge catamaran, took lessons for kitesurfing, windsurfing, hobie cat as well as stand up paddle boards.  In addition, we took a day trip to the southwest side of the island to Porto Cristo and the Drach Caves.  There really is so much to do and see, so this area of the island is perfect for families.




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