Adventures with Anya – Watersports Mallorca!

Hi Guys!

This time my Adventures with Anya is a little different.  It is all about my experience with Watersports Mallorca and I couldn’t always bring the camera with me.  My mom took some video for me and of course you can’t hear me speak, because I am out in the water.

Adventures with Anya Watersports Day with Watersports Mallorca. SUP yoga and a trip on a catamaran. Read more on

So a few days ago I did stand up paddle boarding yoga (SUP Yoga).  I had a lot of fun and really worked my core.  I was with 5 other kids and the instructor Shea.  Shea is from Australia.  She is in Mallorca for Irish dancing at night and working with Watersports Mallorca during the day to have fun.

We first took a quick SUP lesson, but I already knew how to do it.  We then paddled out away from the people taking windsurfing and catamaran lessons.  When we found a good empty spot the yoga began.  We did a lot of poses like, the plank, head stands, downwards dog, upwards dog, back arch etc.  It was fun.

After that Lars and I went out with the Catamaran instructor, Laurent.  He was very nice and let me steer the catamaran.  On our way back in, we had a little time to just relax and Laurent steered us back to shore.  Hopefully you like the little video we put together.

I recommend you try to use a stand up paddle board and if you are up for it, do a few yoga poses as well.  Of course the catamaran was great fun, because you know I like to go fast!

Thanks for following and we have more adventures for you from out 8 week European Road Trip this summer.

Watersports Mallorca Contact Info

  • Watersports Mallorca Website
  • Phone:  +34 606 35 38 07
  • Catamaran, Paddle, Windsurf School
    Avda. S’Albufera s/n- Hotel Playa Esperanza  07408 Playa de Muro Mallorca
  • Kitesurf School
    C/ Arenes s/n 07408 Playa de Muro. Mallorca.

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  1. Wow, you are incredibly talented! I love watersports, especially paddle boarding and kayaking! Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing a piece of your adventure with us!

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