A Roman Bridge – Exploring In Our Own Backyard

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  Anyway, I am the one in the family with the itchy feet to explore, discover and move about.  The rest of the family can give or take it at this point.  Today happens to be Leap Day, but also a school holiday for the kids.  With determination and a little of “We are all going”, we went to find the Roman Bridge in town. (originally published in 2016)

Almunecar Spain Roman Bridge of Cotobro from the riverbed

We have seen the little pink “historical site” sign on the main road for years and never did explore to see where the Roman Bridge was.  I guess we just felt it was so close to the house, we could go whenever we wanted.  Well, today was the day to go explore our own backyard!

We knew it was in Cotobro and when searching online, there weren’t really any clear directions to take us there.  I finally cobbled together two sets of directions, which weren’t even similar to each other, and off we went to discover.  All of us!  It was an absolutely stunning day, with crisp blue skies and a sprinkling of fluffy white clouds.  The weather was warm enough for short sleeves and of course the boys are always in shorts.  Off we went to explore.

We arrived at Cotobro Beach, about 10 min walk from our house, and then ventured up the road/dry river bed.  After a few minutes, we needed to choose continuing up the “road” to the right or continuing to follow along the riverbed to the left.  

Almunecar Spain Roman Bridge of Cotobro from the riverbed

After a bit of exploration above, we decided to just take the riverbed too.  Down the hill we went and onto the riverbed.  It was a bit of a climb to get up the final little hill to reach the bridge and a few hops over some mud too, but we did it.

Now keep in mind it isn’t overly spectacular, but it is in incredible condition.  It is a single arch bridge crossing the canyon.  The road over the bridge was even in great shape.

Almunecar Spain Roman Bridge of Cotobro - the road over the bridge.

I need to do all of my research, but from what we have read it is from around 400 AD.  Our town is along the coastal Roman trading route between Cartagena, Málaga, and Cádiz.

Once we snapped a few photos and checked out the bridge and road, we decided to explore a bit more.  We wanted to see where the road led from the bridge.

Don’t worry, we will do all of our research and give you all of the details on our Almuñécar Info site.  We have been working very hard on building that site, as well as a business directory, the past few months.  So far we have had good success with the site and hope once the business directory is up and running, we will be able to provide people with more detailed information.

You see our town doesn’t have too much available online.  Yes you will find bits and pieces here and there, but we have big visions of becoming a reputable and useful site.  We will cater to English-speaking tourists and residents.  Now just so you know, English-speaking doesn’t always mean American, Canadian or English.  Actually quite a few of the readership comes from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and other parts of Europe.  So they know English or use a translator of some kind.  Either way, they are reading!

Anyway, all of this said to inspire you to go check out what may be right under your nose or in your own backyard.  Really, this is less than a mile from where we have spent over 3 years!



Thanks for reading!  Remember to check out our local Almuñécar Spain site and let us know what you think!

Tell us what’s in your backyard or nearby.

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