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If you know Wagoners Abroad, you know we like a good deal.  About a year or two ago, I stumbled upon a few people mentioning they were staying in great homes and sometimes in exotic locations for free!  I was thinking “I want to do that too!”.

Freebie Accommodation! Become a Housesitter Today

I investigated a bit more and found a great site that matches up people who are in need of a house/pet sitter with people who are willing to take care of their home/pets.  This sounded great!  I thought it would be next to impossible to find something for us.  Let’s face it, most people get all squeamish at the thought of “kids” in their home.

I get it.  I really do.  I would be leery of complete strangers in my home too, but we are good people.  I was determined to make it work and show people who families are great to have house sit.  We are less likely to throw a wild party in their home and kids love pets!  I thought we would go ahead and give it a try.  We can always use a free place to stay.  I sent out many applications over the summer, hoping we would land something on our 6 week road trip around Europe.  Apparently the competition in Europe over the summer is crazy.  Owners were telling us they received hundreds of applicants for one posting.

I was determined to take advantage of this, as we are a family willing to travel and love on some pets.  Well after being rejected too many times to count, I kept applying.  Finally we were accepted!

House Sitting in London England
House Sitting in London England

Thus far, we have 2 house sits under our belt and we have shared our experiences with you.  It is great to have a full home available to us, with kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.  We have been on two very successful house sits (pet sits) and had a blast.  Our first was in London, England for a week over Halloween.  This was a 5 bed, 3 bath home with everything we could dream of.  Loads of entertainment indoors and out and they even left us costumes to borrow for Halloween!  Our second house sit was in Estepona, Spain, over our winter school break.  It was a perfect chill destination, with a daily view of Gibraltar while sitting on the sofa.  How cool is that?

TrustedHousesitters, one of the biggest on line housesitter sites, 
contacted us and asked if they could feature an article about our family on their site.  They wanted to share the family housesitting experience with others.  So, of course we said yes, as we love their program and it pays for itself after your first house sit!

We know of several other families, singles and couples staying around the world for free.  Some even do housesitting full-time and just move where the next house sit is located.  So give it a try.  Still not sure about it?

Is the housesitter program right for you?

  • If you are interested in Free Accommodation around the world, this is for you!
  • How about traveling the world, taking a short vacation, or even a little staycation and not have to worry about a hotel?  If yes, it is for you!
  • Do you love pets or farm animals?  If yes, this is for you too!  If no, not to worry. Some don’t have any pet car involved at all.
  • Perhaps you have a home and would like someone to house sit for you?
  • What about if you want to take a vacation, but you don’t want to leave your pet in a kennel or you have no one to care for that bird or fish?   The cost of a few nights in a kennel alone is far more than the membership prices.  You can sign up to be matched with a housesitter.

About Trusted Housesitters

There are various pricing plans to be a housesitter or list your home to find a housesitter.  We signed up for 1 year and just renewed.  The price of the membership seemed high at first, but knowing we have already had 16 nights of FREE Accommodation in exchange, it has been well worth it. 

The site has many filters to narrow down your search for a housesitter or an assignment to housesit.  You can search by pet type, no pets, family friendly, location and much more.  I have an alert set for any house sits in Southeast Asia.  I am plotting and planning and hoping to supplement some of our travels with a house sit here and there.

This is a great network to be in and we love browsing through all of the opportunities.  If this all sounds good to you, check it out and see the types of homes available for you.

Sign up today!
Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters - House sitting

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