25 Nights of Accommodation in Vietnam

I guess you could say everything wasn’t coming up roses with our accommodation in Vietnam.  We spent 25 nights in Vietnam from the North to the South (Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City) and a few extra guests joined us on occasion.

26 Nights Accommodation in Vietnam

Arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam

Flashback to 2015:

We flew from Vientiane, Laos to Hanoi, Vietnam.  We were scheduled to arrive at 10 pm, so we prearranged car service to pick us up at the airport.  It is likely we may have found cheaper transportation, but at that hour it was worth knowing someone would be there waiting for us.  Not to mention they would know exactly where we needed to go.  In Hanoi this was an additional $18 for a minivan 7 passenger car.

Okay, let’s get into the details of our accommodation.  We were traveling with 3 generations as a family of 5.  In our expense posts, we only cover the costs for our family of 4, as Gma Bev covered her portion of the costs.  Below we will list the prices of all of our rooms.

Here we will review all of our Accommodation in Vietnam

Accommodation for 4 nights in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Hanoi City Hostel – Old Quarter of Hanoi
    Booking Availability and Prices
    Old Quarter Hanoi Vietnam
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 5 nights, We booked 2 rooms, 1 twin room (2 twin beds) and 1 triple room (3 twin beds), with AC and private bath
  • Cost –  The price for the twin room was $16 a night.  The price for the triple was $21.  Breakfast was included as well.
  • Thoughts –
    • Located right in the Old Quarter of Hanoi and arriving late at night was a bit overwhelming.  Upon our arrival in the car, it was dark and the streets were a bit deserted.  It was a little scary and we weren’t sure this was going to be the place for us.
    • Once we stepped inside the hostel, the staff was wonderful.  The rooms felt a bit European with high ceilings, crown molding, wood floors, and big bay windows.  We really thought our room was great and after walking around the next morning, we realized we were in a great location.  We felt very safe and right in the thick of things.  Lesson learned for us, was not to arrive late at night to any property.
    • Gma Bev wasn’t too impressed with her room, but she didn’t mention anything until after we departed.  She saw that the family really loved the city vibe and was going to enjoy our time in Hanoi, so she stayed quiet.  She did notice a little guest running around her room upon check-in.  She spotted a cockroach.  She slept every night with the bathroom lights on, in hopes to make it less appealing for the cockroach to enter.
    • Overall, that seemed to help and we all had a good time here.  I would recommend if you are on a budget, as the staff is great and so is the location.

We flew from Hanoi, Vietnam to Hue as we found a really good deal on flights.  We liked the idea of a 1 hour flight over a 13 hour train or bus ride.  The price was slightly more to fly.  We were smart this time and took a morning flight.  We still prearranged car service to pick us up at the airport, as it was inexpensive and again convenient.  In Hue this was an additional $15 for a minivan 7 passenger car.

Accommodation for 4 nights in Hue, Vietnam

photo credit from booking.com
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 3 rooms (1 double and 2 twin rooms), with AC and private bath
  • Cost – The price for the twin rooms were $8 a night each.  The price for the single was $9.  Breakfast was only included for the adults. They said it was an extra 30,000 Dong ($1.50) each, for the kids to eat.
  • Thoughts –  This was bare bones accommodation and the property was located down a small pedestrian only alley.  There were several cafe choices nearby and it was located in a decent part of town.  The staff was very friendly as well.  I do have to share the problems!
    • Problem 1Smoking was allowed at the property and as our luck would have it, we were the only non-smokers there.  The other guests had no problem with smoking at the indoor breakfast tables, which our room opened out on.  Smoke was everywhere and we did eventually move one floor up, but it was still a problem.  This was likely the timing of our visit, as you never know who will be there when you are.
    • Problem 2Creatures!  Our first day there, I was down at the reception desk asking to move rooms due to all of the smokers.  (We arrived early in the morning and they allowed us to check in early).  As I turned to walk up the stairs, there was a small mouse at the base of the stairs!It looked at me, I looked at it.  I looked at the staff member, he looked at the mouse and continued to walk up the stairs.  It seemed to be no problem and not a word was said.  I asked about the mouse and it was as if he didn’t hear me.  I was torn about telling the family of this, as we were all so tired of moving.  I eventually told Alan and the kids to see if they wanted to move.  We all decided the mouse would likely stay downstairs!  Ha! Sure it will.  It is amazing the things you will do to trick yourself.  Eventually we told Gma Bev as well.  We all decided to go ahead and stay.

We moved after 2 nights for a couple of reasons, our problems and something good!

The Good!  We met up with VM Travels and they offered a sponsored deal we didn’t want to refuse.  In addition, we weren’t too thrilled about the extra furry guest running around or the fact that all of the other guests were smokers!

  • Grace Hotel
    Booking Availability and Prices
    Grace Hotel Rooms
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 2 rooms (1 double room & 1 triple room with 1 twin bed and 1 queen), including AC and private bath.
  • Cost – This was sponsored for us thought VM Tours (Hotel Rooms, Private Car and Hue Day Tour).  The online price for the double room was from $13-$17 and a triple was about $21 a night.  Breakfast was included as well.
  • Thoughts –  We have a full review on our stay and loved it!  Check out our review of Grace Hotel.  This as well as our accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City were our favorites.  Nice, clean and spacious.  Thumbs up from us and really the best location as well.

Accommodation for 9 nights in Hoi An, Vietnam

  • Longan Homestay
    Booking Availability and Prices
    Longan Homestay Ancient City Hoi An Vietnam
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 3 rooms each with a double bed.  All with AC and private bath.
  • Cost – Though all of the rooms had the same beds, the price varied based on number of people.  The 1 single room was $10/night and the 2 rooms with 2 people each were $14/night each.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  We really enjoyed our stay here at this homestay.  The family made us feel very welcome and even let us use their fridge and kitchen!  They were full of tips and advice about what to do and where to go.  This was a great money saver for us and we made spaghetti!  Oh that was good.  We spent our Christmas week here and other than loads of rain, it was perfect.  The location was on a side-street about 1 block away from the ancient city and two blocks from the river.  It was very easy walking into town to get food and supplies.  The property itself had a nice garden area and was very quiet and secure at night.  Our rooms were very spacious and clean, so it was good to spend Christmas at this accommodation in Vietnam.

Accommodation for 7 nights in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

  • Bali B Hotel 
    Booking Availability and Prices
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 7 nights, 2 rooms (1 x twin & 1 x triple with a twin and double bed).  Both rooms had AC and private bath.
  • Cost –  The price for the twin room was $22 a night.  The price for the triple was $25.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  We really couldn’t have asked for a better location than this.  It was right in the heart of District 1 and pretty much anything we wanted was within walking distance.  The rooms were very clean and modern.  We did have a leaky AC unit, which flooded the floor in our room.  They quickly moved us to another room and fixed the problem.
  • The only problem with the location is that it is located next to a school.   This school runs 2 shifts from 7 am – 7 pm, so when the kids are outside for recess it can be a bit loud.  Our triple (room 210) shared a wall with the school stairwell, so when they would come and go, we would hear them walking on the stairs.  Not a deal breaker for us, as it just lasted a short bit.
  • The staff here was fantastic and friendly.  They were always great to chat with us and see what we were doing for the day.  Of course Gma Bev became close friends with many of them, including Dung (pictured above).  For the price, this was one of the nicest places we stayed in Vietnam.

Accommodation for 1 night in Hà Tiên (border town), Vietnam

  • Du Hung II Hotel 
    Booking Availability and PricesDu Hung II Hotel Ha Tien Vietnam
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 2 rooms, 1 quadruple (2 double beds) and 1 twin, with AC and private bath.
  • Cost –  The price for the twin room was $16 a night and the “luxury family quad” was $20.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  Very basic accommodation and good for 1 night at this border town.  There isn’t much to do or see in Ha Tien and it is a stereotypical border town.  The staff was nice and the rooms were clean.
Well, there you have it.  We do have some affiliate links to the accommodation, so this means if you click on the link and decide to book any accommodation, we will get a very small percentage (cents) of the hotel’s portion.  It all adds up for us, so we would love that. I would however suggest, if you are flexible and adventuresome, that you just arrive to town and walk around for a better price.

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