Accommodation In Thailand 36 Nights With Kids

When we first arrived in Thailand, we spent a week in Bangkok, a week in Koh Chang and then headed to Northern Thailand.  Of course we took the overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and then spent a wonderful 3 1/2 months in Chiang Mai.  We had a blast and even made a Chiang Mai Guide – Family Friendly of course.  We then explored Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for a few months, on our Adventure333 (3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries).  This was all fantastic, even though most of it was inland or away from beaches.

In February, we once again returned to Thailand, though this time we were going to visit Southern Thailand!  We had plans to visit many of the beautiful Thai Islands, surrounded by the majestic turquoise waters, in the Thai Gulf and the Andaman Sea.  It was finally beach time!

If you are heading to Southern Thailand, we have some family friendly accommodation in Thailand recommendations for you. We share it all, the good, bad and meh! Read more on

Flashback to 2015:

With over a month in Southern Thailand, with 8 different locations, we have some info to share with you about our accomodation choices.  Some we liked and some were just okay, while others were da bomb!  As usual, we share our costs with you and also include affiliate links to the hotels if you would like to book for yourself.  Please do keep in mind, prices vary depending on season.  Sometimes we took advantage of special or last-minute deals as well.  If we received sponsored accommodation, in exchange for our review, we will let you know.  This month however, we do have one exception.  We won’t be sharing our costs for our family vacation in Phuket.  We explain why below.

36 Nights Of Accommodation In Southern Thailand With Kids

We spent a total of 36 nights exploring various parts of Southern Thailand, including Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Phuket and Krabi.  Feel free to ask questions if you like.

Bangkok Accommodation for 4 nights

Bangkok Thailand fun day

  • Name –  Bangkok Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel  Check prices and availability 
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 4 nights, 2 rooms (2 double beds each), with AC and private bath
  • Cost – The price for each room was $30 a night per room.  We covered 1 1/2 rooms, as our son shared with Gma Bev.  Breakfast was included for 4 people.
  • Thoughts –  The only thing we liked about this hotel was the location across from the train station.  We arrived via train, we planned the day trip to the River Kwai via train and we were departing by train to Koh Tao.  Other than that, there wasn’t much in the area for places to eat or things to do.  We did walk down to the riverfront and enjoyed the water taxis and exploring.  The hotel was very dark and drab, but for the price in a big city and the location, it saved us some transport time.  Please feel free to read our full review on Wagoner Family TripAdvisor.

Accommodation for 1 night on the Sleeper Train Bangkok to Koh Tao Thailand

  • Name –  Sleeper Train, Bus and Ferry
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 1 night, 2 upper bunks and 2 lower bunks, with AC
  • Cost – The price for the four of us was about $156.  The price included the night train as well as the bus from the train station to the ferry port and then the ferry to Koh Tao.  Meals were not included, but we had plenty of snacks.
  • Thoughts –  We really had a great time on this train journey and were very impressed with the amount of space we had.  We wrote up the full story, so make sure you check it out.  Night Train from Bangkok to Chumphon and then the ferry to Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Accommodation for 2 nights
Koh Tao Thailand. If you are heading to Southern Thailand, we have some family friendly accommodation in Thailand recommendations for you. We share it all, the good, bad and meh! Read more on

  • Name –  Jom Jam House  Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 1 family room (1 king bed and 2 floor mats), with ac and private bath
  • Cost – The price for the room was $43 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  We actually booked 2 rooms, one with king bed and one with 2 twins. Upon arrival, we realized they were fan rooms, so no AC, view or air circulation. They only had one room available with AC and it was the same price as our 2 fan rooms combined.  They allowed us to move, but we needed to have the kids sleep on mats on the floor.  The family voted and felt AC was more important than a full bed for the kids.  The location was just a few minutes walk away from the ferry station.  This was good and bad, as we were right in town, but the beaches were a little cluttered.  Again we have our full review on TripAdvisor.

Koh Phangan Accommodation for 4 nights    ***A Favorite***

Shiralea Backpacker Resort Koh Phangan Thailand, If you are heading to Southern Thailand, we have some family friendly accommodation in Thailand recommendations for you. We share it all, the good, bad and meh! Read more on

  • Name –  Shiralea Backpacker Resort  Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 4 nights, 1 rooms (2 double beds), with AC and private bath
  • Cost – The price for the room was $34 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  I have to say I was a bit leery of this prior to booking.  It looked like a party place and not too close to the beach.  I am so thrilled that we absolutely loved it.  In fact, I would say it was my favorite place in the gulf islands for sure.  The staff was wonderful, the food was good.  The pool was clean and it was just a 2-3 min walk to the gorgeous beach.  They told us the best place to rent scooters in great condition for a decent price.  Once we were on scooters in Koh Phangan the island was ours and everything was fun.

Koh Samui Accommodation for 7 nights

Cheeky Monkey's Koh Samui Thailand

  • Name –  Cheeky Monkey Samui  Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 7 nights, 2 rooms (1 double bed in one room and 2 twin beds in the other), with AC and private bath.
  • Cost – The price for each room was $14 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  This was an interesting little hostel.  It was only about 3 months old, so it was new and clean.  We booked a single family room online, one room with 2 bunk beds, but upon arrival they gave us two rooms instead.  It turns out the rooms with 2 bunk beds were just too tight, so they did away with them just after we booked.  They honored our price for the family room, but gave us 2 rooms.  We tried to extend, but they would only do so at the normal rate, which was double the price we paid.  I would stay again, as there was a cute bar and a pool up on the roof and it was close to things on the strip.

Phuket Town Accommodation for 4 nights

  • Name – Phuket Center Apartment Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 4 nights, 1 studio apartment rooms (1 king bed, 1 sofa bed), with AC, large fridge, kitchenette and private bath
  • Cost – The price for the room was $25 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  This was a good location within Phuket Old Town, but there isn’t much to do in the immediate area.  We rented scooters and were happy campers, as we were able to explore and perhaps even get a little lost.  The studio worked for a few nights, but was a bit crowded for 4 people.  It would be better suited for 3 people.  The staff was very nice and the apartment was clean.  The price was wonderful.

Phuket Accommodation for 10 nights (Mai Khao Beach)
Luxury Vacation in Phuket Thailand with kids!

  • Name –  Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club Resort  Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  –  10 nights, 2 bedroom apartment, with the works!  We had a full 2 bed, 2 bath apartment with full kitchen.  The master had a king bed with the best rain shower in the world!  Really…the world!  The second bedroom had 2 twin beds and an attached full bath as well.
  • Cost – The price for each room isn’t meant to be shared. Sorry about this one.  It was a family vacation with extended family and friends.  We need to honor their privacy as well.
  • Thoughts – We stayed at the Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club, which is part of the Marriott Vacation Club.  That means we had 2 bedroom apartments, with a kitchen, living room, washer/dryer, the works!  On the property many of the amenities and restaurants were shared with the JW Marriott  Resort & Spa as well.  The location was a bit remote at the far north end of the island, but it was on an amazing stretch of beach.  The sunsets were to die for every night.
    Amazing Sunsets on Phuket Thailand Mai Khao Beach Feb 2015
    It was quite an expensive taxi ride to sight see or get into town.  Luckily for us, we had explored quite a bit on scooters prior to arrival.  We wrote up a full post about our amazing experience here.  We would highly recommend this location for a family vacation.

Krabi Town Accommodation for 4 nights

  • Name –  Diamond Home Resort  Check prices and availability
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 4 nights, 1 rooms (2 double beds), with AC and private bath
  • Cost – The price for the room was $26 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  Upon arrival it appeared to be more of a drive up motel on the outskirts of town.  We decided to go ahead and stay, as it was just 4 nights and they had a pool!  For this price it was tough to find AC and a pool.  The hotel provided a free shuttle into town and back a few times a day.  We took advantage of that the first day, but realized we needed to be a bit more free.  Of course we rented scooters in Krabi for a couple of days and let the family explore.  The room was very clean and the staff was very nice and accommodating.  We ended up really enjoying our stay here and met some great fellow travelers from around the world.  It is amazing how many people you meet, hanging out at the pool.

Have you visited Southern Thailand?  Where did you go, where did you stay?  Give us all of the details below.

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