27 Nights of Accommodation in Cambodia

We crossed over from Hà Tiên (border town), Vietnam into Cambodia.  The first stop for us was Kep.  We had plans of relaxing on gorgeous beaches in the south of Cambodia for a few weeks and then make our way north to see Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.  Well plans changed quickly, once we spent our first few nights in Kep, near the border.  As with all of our other accommodation Gma Bev covered her portion of the costs, so we will show the full price.  We will cover our costs in the post about our expenses in Cambodia.

27 Nights of Accommodation in Cambodia

27 Nights of Accommodation in Cambodia

Flashback to 2015:

No matter if you are looking for 1 week accommodation in Cambodia or 1 month, we will let you know what we thought of the places we stayed.

Accommodation for 3 nights in Kep, Cambodia
Rega Guesthouse Kep Cambodia

  • Name –  Rega Guesthouse
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 3 nights, 3 rooms (1 double bed each), with fan & private bath
  • Cost –  The price for each room was$14 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –   We loved the gardens and many sitting areas.  The food they served was good, but a bit pricey.  We found some great food, just down the street at about half the price.  The staff was very nice and the rooms were clean.  An extra bonus was the help yourself fish spa, which guests have access at any time, for free!  It was relaxing, but a bit away from the beach and most restaurants.  It is okay if you are hiring a scooter.  We did and also explored the area, like the Sothy’s Pepper Farm or butterfly farm.  It is about a 40 min walk to Kep Beach and tourist area, but just 5 min walk to the local town center.  There are a couple of stores and a really good cheap restaurant there too.

To be honest the beaches weren’t clean at all in Kep.  There was garbage in the water and on the sand.  This was fine for a few days, but not our idea of a beach vacation.  We decided not to chance the other beach towns and instead make our way up Cambodia.

Accommodation for 2 nights in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh at dusk

  • Name –  Channsoda Hotel and pub Guesthouse
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 2 nights, 3 rooms (2 with double beds and 1 with twins), with AC and private bath.
  • Cost –  The price for each room was$17 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  The location was good, just a block from the river and the Royal Palace.  The Channsoda hotel was a bit better than basic.  We were on the 4th floor with no elevator, so that gets old after a while.  The staff was nice enough, but we didn’t really get what we reserved upon arrival.  The hotel was over booked and they said they only had 2 rooms.  They wanted to move all of us next door to their pub guesthouse, as it belonged to the same owner.  I had researched that pub place and I knew it wasn’t what we wanted.  In the end Gma Bev took a room at the pub place and Alan the kids and I took 2 rooms at Channasoda.  I am not giving the name or link to the pub, as we don’t recommend it.

The city area was a bit dirty, so we felt 2 nights was plenty.  We visited the killing fields and the embassy area and moved on quickly to Siem Reap.

Accommodation for 19 nights in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Jasmine Lodge Siem Reap Cambodia - Wagoners Abroad Favorite

  • Name –  Jasmine Lodge
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 19 nights, 2 rooms (1 single & 1 quad with 4 twin beds), including AC, private bath and good breakfast!
  • Cost – The price for the single was $15 a night and the quad was $35/ night for our first week and then discounted to $28 from that point on.
  • Thoughts –  The plan was to stay a week, but we fell in love with this place.  We kept extending to almost 3 weeks.  The staff was wonderful, especially Han and Noah.  It was the perfect social environment with a pool and plenty of seating and work areas.  They also served very inexpensive meals, so it was just perfect.  We did many activities here and met several other travelers too.  This was one of our favorite places in 3 months.  The wifi was pretty good too, so we caught up on a bit of work.  Very family friendly and safe.  About a 10 minute walk to the pub street area, but only about 5 minutes to the Lucky shopping center and the Royal Palace.  Big Thumbs Up!

Of course we spent some time touring around too.  L at some bugs, we met up with many other travelers and found a great Mexican restaurant named Viva.  We also enjoyed dining at Palate Angkor.  We had a blast touring the floating villages with Tara Riverboat and the boys went out on a dirt bike tour too.  Nothing but fun and good times here.

Accommodation for 3 nights in Battambang, Cambodia

Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia (2)

  • Name –  Royal Hotel
  • # Nights / Rooms  – 3 nights, 3 rooms (all with twin beds), with AC and private bath
  • Cost – The price for each room was $13 a night.  Breakfast was not included.
  • Thoughts –  Location was just one block from the daily market and shops.  The hotel itself was a bit dated and basic.  At least it was clean and it would work just fine for a few nights.  There was a fridge in the room too, which is always a bonus for us.  Wifi worked well, so we did a bit of work at this location.  That said, it wasn’t too good for video streaming or Skype calls.  They did provide us free pick up from the bus station and helped organize a tuk tuk out to the bamboo train too.

Have you been to Cambodia?  What were your favorites?  Feel free to share as our readers want to know.

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