Colors Of The Saturday Night Market & Silver Temple – Chiang Mai

When visiting Chiang Mai, it just would be complete without checking out one of the many markets offered around town.  We really enjoy walking around the Saturday night market, so we thought we would take you on a bit of a photo walk.  So come along with us and you can see the Silver Temple too!Saturday night market Chiang Mai

Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai Wua Lai Road

Flashback to 2014:

The Market starts on Bumruung Buri Road, near the south gate (Chiang Mai Gate) of the old city, and runs along Wua Lai Road.


Along Bumrung Buri Road, you will find a wide variety of food vendors and you can eat until your belly busts, for very little money.  We have no clue what much of the food is, but it is fun to look at.  our daughter played it safe and decided to eat cantaloupe.

Food Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

Our son is our adventurous soul when it comes to eating, but this time he enjoyed the sushi at 5 Baht a piece (6 for $1)!  He loved them and we loved the price.

Sushi Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

We also love to stop at one particular smoothie stand and get a large triple berry smoothie for about $1.  It is perfect every time!  We show him in the video below, but have no clue what the name of his stand is.

Smoothie Time Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

This market gets going about 4 pm and is perfect for an evening out.  We like to go at dusk, as it tends to be a little bit cooler in the evenings.

Once you begin to walk down Wua Lai Road, away from the old city, you will be surrounded by market stalls.  Here you can find many handy crafts, clothing, shoes, food and more.  The colors are amazing!

Colors at the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

There are plenty of food and snack options along the way, so be prepared to sample as you go.

Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market Rice

We think it is sausage

This can get very crowded and warm as you walk along the 1/2 km or so.  Near the end of the market you can also visit the Silver Temple (Wat Sri Suphan or Wat Si Supan).

 Silver Temple (Wat Sri Suphan or Wat Si Supan)

Wat Sri Suphan - Silver Temple Chiang Mai

This end of the neighborhood is known for the silver smiths and they have covered this particular temple in hand stamped silver.  It is particularly stunning at dusk, when it is lit with colored lights.

Wat Sri Suphan - Silver Temple Chiang Mai

This is a very small temple grounds, so it may be best to combine with the Saturday Night Market.  If not, it is a short walk from the city wall and is located in a typical Thai neighborhood.

Have you been to the Saturday night market or the Silver Temple in Chiang Mai?

Video of smoothie and the Silver Temple!  (Listen to the sounds.)

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Come on and tell us what you think!

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