Dining In Style At Palate Angkor Restaurant – Siem Reap

As you know we are a family that travels full-time and sometimes we need to enjoy some of the finer things.  This time we were hosted by Palate Angkor Restaurant for a very nice meal in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Palate Angkor Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia Cover

When we first arrived, we were greeted by the hostess and taken to our seat.  We like to dine a bit early, so we almost had the place to ourselves.  The ambiance was very nice with low lighting and soft music.

Wagoners Abroad at Palate Angkor Restaurant in Siem Reap Cambodia

There was also a rooftop patio where you can dine as well, but we preferred the downstairs open-air dining.  It was very clean and modern and the service was great.  As we were seated the waiter came over to place our napkins in our laps and take our drink orders.

Wagoners Abroad at Palate Angkor Restaurant in Siem Reap Cambodia

The menu covers a variety of foods, with Khmer and Western options.  I think the food menu items are reasonably priced for a hotel restaurant along the river, but we felt that bottled water was a bit on the pricey side.  This night out was a special treat for us and we made the most of it.  We had pre-arranged a set menu and selected from Asian or Western choices.  We opted for a set Western menu with 4 courses, which included the following:

  • Beetroot salad with goat cheese, and nuts
  • Chilled tomatoes gazpacho with cucumber and sour cream raita
  • Black pepper chicken spaghetti with baby corn and potatoes
  • Lychee Ice cream with flambéed fruit salad with rice wine and palm sugar

Palate Angkor Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

All of our food was absolutely delicious and the service was perfectly timed for us.  The care they took with the presentation was very nice and a bit unexpected.  We have 2 kids, ages 12 and 10 and they both enjoyed the menu.  We like to try new things when we can and it was good to see them enjoy it.  In fact, Anya loved it so much, she was asking the rest of us if we planned to finish our meal.

Wagoners Abroad at Palate Angkor Restaurant in Siem Reap Cambodia


Palate Angkor Restaurant is located along the river in Siem Reap and part of the new upscale Lynnaya Hotel.  We found the staff to be very accommodating and friendly during our entire visit.  The Manager Lin was very nice and came over to chat with us.  He said the restaurant had been open for about 1 year and the hotel has only been open for a month.  Once our meal was complete, he offered us a tour of the rooftop dining and bar area, as well as the hotel.  Of course we accepted.

Palate Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

The rooftop was quite relaxing and open. There were options to sit at the bar, at a table or on comfy couches.

Lynnaya Urban River Resort Siem Reap Cambodia

The hotel was absolutely stunning.  We really liked the infinity pool as well as the room with the private garden and outdoor bathing!  Ah, we could just picture ourselves having a wonderful time there.  The entire evening was lovely and we would certainly recommend the dining experience.

Lynnaya Urban River Resort                     Palate Angkor Restaurant & Bar

Phone: +855(0) 63 96 77 55                          Phone: +855(0) 63 96 52 52
Fax: +855(0) 63 96 7756                               Fax: +855(0) 63 96 77 56
Web:   www.lynnaya.com                              Web:   www.palateangkor.com


Disclosure:  The Palate Angkor Restaurant hosted our meals.  All opinions are our own.

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8 thoughts on “Dining In Style At Palate Angkor Restaurant – Siem Reap

  1. I just booked 4 nights in one of those rooms with an outdoor bathroom. So glad you shared this post as it helped me decide!

  2. Very nice place Heidi. I hear you; we do the thrifty bit mostly because you can about live in luxury at a cheap cost but it’s fun to do it up sometimes. We’ll hit fab restaurants or even stay in a classier hotel on the road to treat ourselves…but heck, with the USD to Ruppiah rate these days we feel as if we’re always treating ourselves lol. 1 USD yields 12,700 about these days, which is why we’re picking up veggies and snacks at the grocery for $3.40, and it’s also why a huge jug of water – like the delivered waters – cost $1.30….SMH at that one…..gotta love Bali or SE Asia for that matter.

    Thanks guys, keep on inspiring!


    • It does feel good to have that nice treat now and again, Ryan. I think we need to check out Bali before we head back to Europe. i keep hearing so many great things, so time to start researching. I love when produce is readily available and affordable!

  3. Cannot wait to experience it’s all the great things that you are doing and sharing them with you. This restaurant looks like something I would enjoy. Bravo to Anya and Lars for being so adventurous.

    • We can’t wait either! If you only knew how many times you were mentioned as we were dining that night. You would have loved it!

    • It was a great dining experience and I loved that we got a sneak peek at the hotel too. I used to work in the hotel industry for a while, so I love looking around.

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