Perfectly Purple Budget Accommodation in Hue, Vietnam

If you are looking for clean, quiet and nice budget accommodations in Hue, Vietnam, this is the place we would recommend for you.  A little on the artsy side with a splash of purple here there and everywhere.

Grace Hotel Hue Vietnam Accommodation Review

From the moment we walked in the door, we felt special.  We were greeted with big smiles right at the door and we were invited to sit down and rest in the lobby.  They then brought out some hot fresh ginger tea that was amazing.  I wanted to ask for more, but didn’t want to seem greedy.

Thankfully Anya didn’t want hers, so I managed to have an extra anyway.  The receptionist had our keys ready to go and the staff was lined up to take our bags to the rooms for us.  Oh, it was so nice having someone else carry our bags up the flights of stairs for once.  During our entire stay the staff was top-notch and I was amazed at how well they all spoke English too.

We were invited by Grace Hotel to stay with them a couple of nights and write a review about their property.  As with any review we provide, we give our own opinion about the property and recommendations.  We actually were staying at a different hotel and moved to accommodate this request and I am so glad that we did.  It was really a treat to stay here.

The Rooms

Grace Hotel Rooms

Wow, I don’t even know where to start.  We loved our room!  Actually we had a couple of spacious rooms, as there were 5 of us.  We had one double, with balcony and one triple room.  Both came with a private bath and complimentary toiletries as well, even a toothbrush!  If you enjoy a hot shower, this is the place for you.  After traveling for so long in Southeast Asia with less than tepid water in many places, this was a real treat for us.

Each of the beds was a perfect firmness with the memory foam type mattress and the linens were crispy, clean and white.  Of course all of it was accented with purple.  The extra touches we really appreciated in our rooms were the walls shelves to unpack a few of our things as well as a stocked mini-bar fridge.  We love having cold water available.

The attention to detail throughout the property was apparent and you can see that every special touch was thought of.  We especially like the availability of electrical outlets and the great wifi access!

The Surroundings

Grace Hotel Lobby Hue Vietnam

On the ground level there is a sitting area as well as a dining area for breakfast.  Once breakfast is finished, the tables and chairs may be used to play cards, social gathering spot or bring food back and enjoy in the lobby.  They also have a front porch area, that also serves as scooter parking.  The stair well is absolutely gorgeous and full of little niches with paintings and colored lights.  It is very tranquil and nice to see vines hanging from the ceiling as well.

The Amenities and Activities

Breakfast is served on-site with a very reasonable and delicious menu.  All other meals should be planned off-site or you can bring food back and enjoy it in the dining area.  There are many local restaurants within walking distance.  We enjoyed one dinner at Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant.  It was a bit pricey, but good.

Hue Day Tour

They also offer all sorts of local and country-wide tours, ticketing, transportation and they will even help you plan your trip.  The staff is always available for you.  There is also a computer station in the lobby, which was nice.  Wifi was great throughout the hotel and that was such a treat after nearly a month with poor connections.  We had a few rainy days during our visit and the staff was quick to offer us an umbrella to use or helped us take off our rain ponchos upon our return.

The Location

The Grace Hotel is located in the town center, just a few blocks from the river.  It is just around the corner from the main backpacker area, but it is on a nice quiet street.  So that means plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from and many with Western Food options and your pick of Vietnamese establishments too, but not all of the noise and traffic that goes with it.  We felt very safe walking around both day and night and even stopped in to the Game Center, a few doors down, to enjoy a little Playstation Time.

Grace Hotel Street

We had the pleasure of meeting the owners and they are just wonderful.  So passionate about their hotel, services and customers.  They really love what they do and they love their city.  Apparently purple is the color for Hue Vietnam and Grace Hotel shows off its purple passion.  I just happen to love purple too, so it was nice to see it all around.

Grace Hotel – Hue, Vietnam Contact info: website

Booking info and rates
Address:  28/42 Nguyen Cong Tru street, Hue city, Vietnam
Phone:     + 84 543 935 979

Have you visited Hue?  There is plenty to do and see here, and we will tell you all about what we did in coming posts.  You may also book with Hue Private Cars, they can take you where you need to go!.  You may also book your Tour of Hue, Vietnam, airport transfers, tours outside of Hue, as well as wonderful budget accommodations

Disclosure: Grace Hotel (run by VM Travels) was kind enough to sponsor our stay.  All opinions are our own. 


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18 thoughts on “Perfectly Purple Budget Accommodation in Hue, Vietnam

  1. I went to southeast Asia many years ago. I’d forgotten all about that hot water issue. I stayed at a hostel filled with Americans and there was no hot water for showers, but you could have a hot water shower if you paid for it. I was the only one who did. Go figure, I’m just a VERY, VERY VERY cold person! ALL the people at the hostel thought I was weird or something because I couldn’t bathe with cold water! They said things like, in this weather, you need hot water??? Well I guess I’m just a VERY, VERY VERY cold person haha!

  2. Great tips Heidi!!

    We are thinking to go to Vietnam on March, and your post came handy. As you said, after a long trip around Southeast Asia we feel the need for a nice room and good service!
    Happy Travel!

    • Thanks Natalie. We will be sharing all 26 nights of accommodation in Vietnam soon. Are you heading to Cambodia as well? If so, we have a great place in Siem Reap too. Jasmine Lodge.

  3. I’ve never been to Vietnam before at all! This is a very good blog post to keep in mind in the future or if anyone asks me for advice about it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. You had me at purple! haha! In Asia, I’ve only been to Bali but I’ve always wanted to go to Vietnam. This was a great review and if I ever end up in Hue I will definitely stay here 🙂

    • Oh that is sweet Vicky and Buddy! I love purple too, so I was sold at purple as well. 🙂 It really was nice and great management too.

  5. I’m wondering why hot water is such an issue there. Is it because of the climate or is it just what they are accustomed to? I’ve never been in that part of the world and I’m curious.
    Anything purple has to be good! 🙂

  6. This looks like a great little place to stay. Great location and sounds like the staff were friendly and helpful. Getting guidance on transport and tours can help with your stay so it was great that they offer this service. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome post, guys! I have lived in the Philippines for years yet never had a chance to visit Vietnam (I did go to China and Thailand though so I guess it’s good). If you ever have the chance, I suggest that you drop by the Philippines if you haven’t yet!

    I believe that our beaches and wonderful sceneries will capture your fancy 🙂

  8. Heidi Hue was one of our fave spots!

    We loved the Imperial City, the town itself – not a bad movie theater – and even more cool we helped teach English to young kids at our hotel.

    As a token of their gratitude they took us around the outskirts of town on a motorbike tour.

    It was a blast!

    We visited local temples, saw snakehead fish, watch martial artists training and we paid local-Vietnamese prices for everything.

    What a fab review and city!

    Well done 😉


    • We had a good time there. It rained all 4 days, so that got to us after a while, but great people. We will have more about our time coming to the blog soon. That would be cool to teach kids English there. Thanks for the comment Ryan.

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