What ‘s In The Water? Something Exciting!

My day started as a pretty typical day.  I was up too late writing blog posts and up far too early, this time before even a hint of sunrise.  As usual I started by responding to email and blog comments and then I noticed the one sole star out in the dark sky.  I started to get my camera to take a photo.  You see, my Mom loves these types of moments and I wanted to capture it to share with her.  Just as I was changing the settings on the camera, the sun started to give signs that it was coming. 

Slowly the horizon would appear and show the distinction between the calm, dark Mediterranean waters and the dusky sky with layers of deep blues, browns, oranges and gold.

Almuñécar sunrise April 8 2014

Of course by now the star is faintly displaying its twinkle, but I just couldn’t resist sitting on the terrace and taking photos.  Sorry Mom, missed the star moment, but I think I have something better for you.  Moments later the shades of muted purples, pinks, light blues and yellow appeared.  I just love watching the sea and sky morph into pieces of art.  Yet another glorious day about to begin.

Almuñécar sunrise April 8 2014 Dolphins are out there today!

Shortly after it was time for the standard routine, kids up, breakfast, packing of snacks, wash dishes, and cart the kids off to school.  After returning home from the morning school run, I decided it was a perfect day to have my breakfast on the terrace.  The sun is in full force now, there isn’t even the slightest breeze in the air and it is already in the 70’s. I love when there is no breeze, as the sea is so is like glass with not one ripple to be seen.  You can see clear to the bottom close to the shore and even pick out moss on the rocks and fish swimming around, all of this from our terrace!  I had a strong feeling this was the perfect day to entice me to be very non-productive.

I finished my breakfast and brought my dishes into the kitchen.  Just as I was walking back into the family room, something out in the water caught my eye.  Something disturbed the sea of glass and it was too large to be the standard bird taking a breakfast dive.  I commented to Alan that there was something in the see and to look at the huge ripple it left behind.  Just at that very moment…..


A dolphin leapt from the sea, as if it was here to say good morning and “Look at me! Come and play.”

After our giddy oohs and ahhs, we both ran to get our cameras and wait for another magical moment.  We did manage to see a few dolphins up close, but by the time we started the video they were a little further out.  It may be difficult for you to pick out the dolphins in the video, but I’ll give you a little help.  Enjoy our brief 1 minute video of our magical morning watching dolphins swim, today April 8, 2014.

Dolphin Video Almuñécar, Spain

More info on the conservation of Mediterranean Coastal Dolphins

Update 3:30pm

Wow this day just keeps getting better! A fantastic sunrise, Dolphins and now a pirate ship. Wooo hoooo. Okay maybe no pirates, but a beautiful ship.

Who needs a TV when we have this to watch all day!

Almunecar pirate ship

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