Carnaval Cádiz Chirigotas

Do you want to see choral groups, dressed in costumes, singing mainly through the streets of the village offering humorous song?  Then you should see the Carnaval Cádiz Chirigotas.  These groups are also televised for the main competition COAC,  but often perform in the streets through out the week.  The even have on-line voting for your favorite group.

Carnaval Cádiz – Chirigotas

Opening day of Carnaval, these singing groups parade around the “New Cádiz” on tractor pulled platforms.

Carnaval of Cádiz - Chirigotas

We found that we really had to parade around them, as the tractors weren’t moving much.  They were stretched for countless blocks all around the Puerta Tierra area.

Carnaval Cádiz - Chirigotas

The streets were packed with spectators all laughing and having a great time.

Carnaval of Cádiz - Chirigotas

We managed to get a few of the jokes, but I must say it was difficult to understand.  Even some locals, said they find it difficult to understand.  It isn’t really the language that is a problem, but it is difficult to hear with the singing along with the thousands of spectators making noise.  I found it better to hear the songs, by watching the groups on TV (Canal), later that night.

Carnaval in Cádiz

For some reason, this was one of my favorites.  They were full of energy and animation while singing.

Carnaval in Cádiz

Carnaval of Cádiz Street Snacks

When you have a party on the streets you have FOOD!  Well, at least for the locals you do.  We thought for a brief second of tasting a lovely sea urchin, but then decided against it.  We are scuba divers and prefer to see them in the Sea.  People had no trouble paying 5 Euros for 2 and sucking them right up!

Carnaval in Cádiz Sea Urchins

 Carnaval of Cádiz – Spectators

Some men dressed as Pink Nuns.  I looked them up and they were in the quarter finals as a quartet.Carnaval of Cádiz Some just couldn’t stay awake with all of the noise.Carnaval of Cádiz Even Little Red Riding Hood made it out to the party.Carnaval of Cádiz Prep room along the streets.Carnaval of Cádiz


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