Valentine’s Day: Flowers are walking the streets!

Valentines Day Spain

Just as any other holiday, I wondered if Valentine’s Day would be any different in Spain. Alan and I were in Old Town near the Municipal Market today running some errands.  I noticed so many men walking around with beautiful bouquets of flowers.  I also noticed several ladies with a single rose or flower in hand.   So it appears at first glance that it is a “Flowers” day, just as it is in the U.S..

Valentine’s Day – differences I did notice were:

  • Flowers
    • The men were purchasing and delivering the flowers themselves.  This may be because we live in a very pedestrian friendly town.
    • I did not see any florist delivery trucks, nor have I since we have been here.  I am sure they must have them, probably not as common.
  • This day seems to be more for the couples rather than about the kids.  I think I agree with this one.  I must say that Lars and Anya were a little disappointed they didn’t celebrate a school.
  • I am sure all of these men think I am some crazy stalker, for snapping a picture of them as they walked by. Alan was in the barber getting a haircut, so why not have a bit of goofy fun?   It was only going to embarrass me, this time.Valentines_Day_Spain

Valentine’s Day – What things don’t change no matter where we live?

  • Alan was of course as cute and clever as ever!  I love my card and something is coming in the mail!
  • The kids were excited and we all exchanged family gifts.
  • Alan and I had a few relaxing snuggle hours at the spa yesterday, while the kids were at school.  (I do love flowers, but after 16 years Alan knows I don’t like them for Valentines.  I am just weird that way.  I don’t want flowers when people think they are “supposed” to give them.)
    Wagoner Valentine's is always special.

Gifts or no gifts, any location anywhere in the world…. Valentine’s Day is about LOVE and we’ve got that no matter where we are!  We like to show our love all year-long, but if you have a gift for a special day we have a great Unique Gift Guide for you!   We would also love to share a great post from one of our favorite traveling families, The Nomadic Family.  They have a great article about Love around the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  Do you have any special plans?

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Flowers are walking the streets!

  1. Well as a twice divorced single mamma I’m a bit cynical about love haha. I do believe in love (as in couples), but I do find it harder to do so now. When I got married the first time I swore we would be together forever and we wouldn’t be like other couples who get divorced. I tend to fall for the wrong sorts of men (drug addicts, possessive, controlling, jealous, etc.). Well, I guess the delivery trucks is because you live in a small town. Here in Malaga we have Tele-Rosa (which always makes me laugh, because most people aren’t willing to spend their money on that around here hehe, they prefer to buy their flowers themselves). However they mustn’t be doing too badly, because they have been in business for years and are still going.

    • I get ya Serena! I had a couple of bad relationships with the “wrong types” prior to meeting Alan.

      The delivery probably is because we are in a small town. You figure anyone can walk the entire town. It would take longer to drive and try to find a place to park. Well, when we ever meet, I’ll bring you some flowers. 🙂

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