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Cooking classes, food tours, and food tastings have now become a tradition for our family travel experiences.  We have had the most fun learning, cooking and eating new foods all around the world.  This is a great and fun way to bring some culture into your trip and have everyone try new things.  We’ve found these to be the perfect family travel activities where ever we go.

Cooking classes, food tours, & food tastings are a great family travel experience.  It's fun learning, cooking and eating all around the world.  Read more on

Cooking Classes

Athens Greece Cooking Class

Picture the scene…The Wagoner Clan is in a new country (Greece), and we’re interested in exploring the culture, sights, and food.  So what’s our plan?  An Athens cooking class of course!  We found the perfect Greek cooking class at Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center.

You will have an amazing experience at this Athens cooking class, greek food at Yoleni's. Learn more about the great family-friendly experience. Read more on



Brussels Belgium Chocolatier Workshop

As you know we love to do cooking classes when we travel, but when you combine it with chocolate it was a no-brainer.  Belgian chocolate has been a major industry since the 19th century and we all know that you are in for a real treat when you have chocolate from Belgium.  This Belgian chocolate workshop was very affordable, just a few hours of a rainy day, and great family fun.As you know we love to do cooking classes when we travel, but when you combine it with chocolate it was a no brainer.  I am not sue which we enjoyed more the waffle workshop or this amazing chocolate making workshop. 


Brussels Belgium Waffle Workshop

We’ve all heard of Belgian waffles, most of us have even tasted them, but what could be more fun than making a bunch of them!  We really enjoyed our Belgian Waffle Workshop and left with full bellies.  It all started with a meet up at the Grand Place, followed by a short walking tour, and a little history about waffles.  Did you know there are different types of waffles, one is a street waffle and a Brussels Belgian waffle?Belgian Waffle Workshop Brussels


Valencia Spain – Paella Cooking Classes

Hey Gang!  I still find it amusing that I’m the one doing a lot of the family Food posts, but it really gives me insight into some amazing cuisine.  Case in point, our Paella Class in Valencia.  Long story short:  This was a really fun experience for all of us, and I highly recommend it.  Plus we will share the paella recipe with you!Paella Recipe and Cooking Class Valencia Spain. A great experience and loads of family fun. Read more on


Budapest Hungary Cooking School

Are you planning a trip to Hungary and looking for things to do in Budapest?  How about having a little bit of fun, mixed with Hungarian culture and food?  Try this Hungarian cooking school!  We have all heard the term Goulash before, but did you know it was a traditional Hungarian dish?  Well, we are going to provide you with an overview of one of our favorite things to do in Budapest.  It is great for the entire family, as we had 3 generations whisked away for the day, in Hungarian culture.Hungarian Cooking Class - Budapest (Chefparade Cooking School)


Marrakech Morocco Cooking Class

Looking for a fun cooking class in Marrakech Morocco?  Check this out and you will have a blast!  Michel is a Parisian transplant who has moved to Morocco and is sharing his love of Moroccan spices, food, and cooking.  He’s got a great sense of humor, and he was a fantastic host!Cooking In Marrakech Morocco with Faim d'Epices - far more than a typical cooking class. You have FUN & learn about typical Moroccan culture and traditions too. Read more on

Family Travel Food Tours & Tastings!

We’ve not only loved all of the cooking classes as we travel, but we also love a good food tour.

Koh Samui Thailand Food Tasting!

When visiting Koh Samui, a friend recommended something for us to check out.  It was called The Thai Experience and it had just opened about 2 months prior.  It was a big hit in Argentina and The Experience made its way to Thailand, now they are in Spain too!  Of course, we wanted to see what it was all about.Wagoners Abroad Enjoys The Thai Experience in Koh Samui Thailand. Read more on


Madrid Spain Food Tour

We at Wagoners Abroad see our fair share of tourist things, but what we really enjoy is finding those gems that show the interesting cultural items of a city or country.  This includes not only seeing, but experiencing how the locals do things.  Spending a few hours in their shoes is a fantastic way to better understand people.  With the help of Paula at Devour Madrid Food Tour, she was able to show us a few of the gems in her neighborhood of Huertas.Devour Madrid Food Tour - experiencing all of the gems. They will take you to some of the best restaurants in Madrid, share the history and meet the locals. Read more on


Moroccan Tea & Food

When it comes to experiencing new things, we all have our favorites.  Alan and Anya are always up for a new adrenaline rush and if it looks like a thrill they are all over it.  Heidi is always up for joining in with the locals and just being part of whatever local tradition is happening.  When it comes to trying new foods, Lars is the taste testing Man!  Tasting new things in Marrakech Morocco.Tastes of Morocco - Marrakech. Read more on


Rioja Spain Wine Tastings

Okay, the Rioja wine tastings are so much fun!  We absolutely love it and were very excited to be staying near Logroño Spain for the week.  This was now the start of week 5 of our epic 8-week road trip around Spain & France.  Okay for all of you in the USA, this is like staying in Napa Valley California or Champagne France!  It’s wine country, and we had no trouble finding opportunities to drink wine.Rioja Wine 1 exciting week in Northern Spain. This is just one week of our 8 week Euorpean summer road trip. Read more on


Langkawi Malaysia Food Food Everywhere!

We all love our food and during our week in Langkawi, we were provided with a variety of new eating options.  It’s not only the 5-star experience but also tried to eat where the locals eat.  We had a nice mix of fine dining, casual dining and absolute local food.  Here we share them all with you!  Langkawi food tasting experiences.Seashells Chenang Beach


Málaga Spain Food Tour

I will just tell you now, it was way more than a Málaga food tour.  It is fun to have a day out with friends and enjoy using all of our 5 Senses to absolutely Devour Málaga!Devour Malaga Food Tour. Allow all of your senses to experience the best of Malaga. This is great for a group of friends or the entire family. Read more on


Montblanc France Wine Tasting

It’s another lovely wine tasting for us, this time French wines.  This is not a typical large-scale winery, but a tiny new winery.  It’s at Domaine des Amiel, and it is literally outside our front door and under our apartment.  So Heidi and I are ready to start enjoying Montblanc wine!Domaine-des-Amiel-Montblanc-France


Bangkok Thailand Eating Bugs and Creatures

Lars decided to create an eating bugs challenge for himself.  He wanted you, our readers to vote on which bug/critter/creature he should eat.  See what he consumed!eating bugs in bangkok thailand


Amsterdam Netherlands Beer Tasting

One of the things I really like about our travels is finding out how things are made.  Well, this trip is no different.  While visiting Amsterdam, we were fortunate enough to see how beer is made at Heineken.  Through the Heineken Experience, the Wagoners Abroad crew was able to do just that.The Heineken Experience Amsterdam Collage


Modena Italy Balsamic Vinegar

One of the things I really enjoy about our Summer road trip travel adventure is that we’re learning about local products, and how they’re made.  While the Pagani Tour was awesome, we decided to do something a little more down to earth.  We took a tour of Acetaia di Giorgio and saw how they make Traditional Balsamic Vinegar firsthand, and tasted them all!Giovanna explaining the details of our balsamic vinegar tasting


Modena Italy Parmigiano-Reggiano tour and tasting

Here we are an American family of 4, living in Spain and exploring Italy!  We love Spain, but I must admit we love Italy too.  Especially food!  As you know, Alan isn’t a big foodie, so you may have guessed, he doesn’t “get into” cheese.  It just so happens that Heidi loves cheese, well most of them anyway.  We scheduled a tour of a local dairy, which included plenty of cheese tastings too!Wagoners Abroad visting Parmigiano-Reggiano


Motril Spain Spanish Rum Tasting

What do we love most about being expats and living in Spain?  We love to explore the local culture!  Just 15 minutes from our home is the Bodega Montero (Ron Montero Rum Distillery).  The factory and cellar for Ron Pálido Rum!  While we aren’t huge hard alcohol drinkers, we thought it would be good to take the free rum tour & tasting.Bodega Ron Montero Rum Distillery, Motril Spain. Free tours and tastings. Read more on


Porto Portugal Port Tasting!

What better to do on a cold and rainy day?  It was time to find the caves and create our own port tasting experience.  That’s where our port tastings are held.  We, of course, took the hop-on hop-off bus to get over where all of the port wineries were located.Port Tasting Gaia, Portugal


Lisbon Portugal Moscatel Tasting

This day was a wine tour just on the outskirts of Setúbal, Portugal.  José Maria da Fonseca (JMF) is the oldest producer of table wines in Portugal.  They are best known for their Periquita and Moscatel.  The company was founded back in 1834 and after 7 generations, the same family still runs the show.  We reserved our wine tour in English in advance and arrived right on time.José Maria da Fonseca Moscatel Cellar


Costa Tropical Spain Spanish Fruits

We have seen and tasted some of the local Spanish fruits, but it was time that we did it properly with formal taste testing with the entire family involved.  Since we were doing this right, Heidi sourced all of the fruit at our local municipal market (think Farmers’ Market) called Almuñécar Mercado Municipal.  Here we share our own Spanish fruit tasting experience.Spanish fruits in Costa Tropical Spain


Organized food tours and cooking classes

We love to use Viator to seek out our cooking classes, food tours, and tastings.  You can just click on the box below to begin your search!



The more we travel, taste and have cooking classes, the more we will add to this post!  Do you like to take cooking classes or food tours when you travel?  Tell us about it!

Come on and tell us what you think!

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