How To Devour Málaga With All Of Your Senses

OhRecently I was able to enjoy a girls day out, with Linda my mother in-law (Suegra), as well as my friends Maria & Cheryl (mis amigas).  The four of us ventured from Almuñécar along the coast to enjoy a food tour in Málaga.  I will just tell you now, it was way more than a food tour.  What fun to have a day out with the girls and enjoy using all of our 5 Senses to absolutely Devour Málaga!Devour Malaga Food Tour. Allow all of your senses to experience the best of Malaga. This is great for a group of friends or the entire family. Read more on

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As I said before this was no ordinary food tour.  In my mind I thought we would quickly go from place to place and be served and just be informed about what we were eating.  I did expect to have a few sights pointed out along the way, but our guide Susanne went far beyond my expectations.

She really tapped into incorporating the history with the sights and the food, showing us how they all evolved because of each other.  How the history and the people influenced how the food and architecture came to be what it is today.  Of course I will share my experience with you in a unique way as well.  This way you can understand how it tapped into to all of my senses with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touching stories

So come along and experience Málaga with me!

Devour Malaga Food Tour Plaza Constitución - meeting point and full of history.

Devour Málaga Food Tour


Hear Málaga with all of the sounds of the city & stories of the past

In the heart of the old city along Plaza Constitución, we found ourselves enjoying our time at Café Central.  Not only were we delighted with eating our traditional breakfast of Pitufo con tomate (toast bread with tomato) and fresh churros, we were also listening to the buzz of the chatter.  There is such an energy found in this café.

We also enjoyed ordering our coffee in a way unique to Málaga and it all began right here in this location.  We eagerly listened as our guide, Susanne, filled us in on the history and how it all came to be.  There are 9 different coffees you can order, 10 if you count “no coffee”.  Each of which varies by the amount of coffee with our without milk.  It was absolutely fascinating and a fun way to start our day.

Devour Malaga Food Tour - Café Central a unique way to order coffee in Malaga.


See Málaga past and present

As you walk the city, you can see the history of 1000’s of years right before your eyes. Though it was an overcast day, with the threat of a storm looming, we managed to enjoy Málaga to its fullest.  The signs of spring were everywhere with the beautiful flowers outside and colorful dresses in the shops.

Malaga Food Tour

The history of those who came before us were visually present everywhere as well.  From the old Roman theater to the Alcazaba (the best-preserved Moorish fortress palace in Spain), to the gorgeous Christian Cathedral and the stories, all adding to the culture.  It was great to stop and take the time to see the sights along the way to our next food experience.

Devour Malaga Food Tour - Roman Theater and Alcazaba

I have visited Málaga many times and I’ve also been on some tours too.  This time it was different and I learned extra little nuggets of information, to make me love it even more. One of my favorite moments was learning about the huge garage doors on buildings.  I have seen them time and time again, but never knew why they were there.  I am talking about 20 feet high.  It turns out it is to house the huge floats used during Semana Santa each year.

We also learned of the plaques in the ground surrounding Plaza Constitución.  They are each an exact copy of various newspapers the day of the new Spanish Constitution.  They are larger than life and fun to read, even the ads were included.  Oh, how many times I must have walked over these in the past and never took the time to even notice them.

I love it when I learn a new piece of trivia and I can’t wait to return again and show off my little “did you know” pieces of information.

Tip:  Make sure you stop and take the time to notice the little things, sometimes it is under your feet.  Don’t just rush by on your way from here to there.  Stop, look and learn.

Devour Malaga Food Tour - plaques in the ground surrounding Plaza Constitución.

Smell Málaga with your super sniffer

I must admit, I do have a super sniffer.  I can smell way too well, but today it was full of incredible aromas.  Not only was the smell of fresh rain in the air, but each location we visited on our tour delighted my nose.  From the smell of freshly brewed coffee at Café Central, to the scents of the Central Atarazanas Market with sweet moscatel at the El Niño, and freshly roasted almonds at Cristóbal Rios, it was all divine.  Not to forget the incredible bouquet from the wines at Mainake and the aroma of freshly prepared tapas at Mesón Mariano, it was all delightful.

Tip:  Make sure you don’t have a cold, as you won’t want to miss out on any of these smells.  It is one of those things which imprints in your mind and when you smell that aroma again, it will take you right back to this moment and memory.

Taste Málaga with those taste buds

Of course what would a food tour be without tasting oodles of yummy things!  I tasted absolutely everything and wasn’t disappointed with any of it.  We had one “no cheese please” eater in the group, so I was a little worried about options.  Not a problem, it was all accommodated so we could all sample what we liked.  I really couldn’t pick out a favorite, but I am a sucker for a good goat’s cheese, Spanish jamón (ham) and a little chorizo too.

Tasty treats on our Devour Malaga Food Tour

I almost forgot about all of the wonderful Spanish olives and freshly roasted Almonds with a hint of olive oil and salt.  The biggest surprise was the abundance of tapas we were able to enjoy for lunch, including a fried milk dessert.  Oh, it is making my mouth water just thinking about it!

Okay, let’s not forget about all of the drinks which flowed past our little taste buds too.  We stared with our morning coffee, then to a divine moscatel wine, and next was 3 different full glasses of wine, and then more to drink with our lunch.  What a wonderful way to devour Málaga!

Girls day out in Malaga on the Devour Malaga Food Tour. Wine tasting at Mainake

I must admit our group of 4 was a bit fond of the wine shop.  There was absolutely no pressure or even offering of purchasing wines, yet we managed to walk out of there with about 6 bottles anyway.  It was really good and we couldn’t wait to have more, especially me.  I was the designated driver so I really just “tasted” each glass and gave the rest to the girls.

Let’s just say we kept our mouths busy the entire day.

Tip:  Don’t eat too much beforehand, as you will want to gobble up everything presented to you.  Devour Málaga doesn’t hold back when it comes to feeding you.


Touch Málaga with your hands, feet & heart

This was a tricky one, as we not only were able to touch the old buildings, walk along the old paths of those before us, but the locals will also touch your heart.  We were able to embrace Spain like locals and with the locals.  Great food isn’t just about the recipe it is about that little extra “love” that goes into the mix.

With each stop we were able to meet the hard-working families behind it all.  Those whose passion keeps the local food traditions alive and humming.  Their stories are incredible and their passion oozes into their work and smiles.  We were able to meet each of the owners and hear about them and how it all began first hand.  That is rare these days in the time of chain restaurants and fast food.  Spain is about culture, tradition and family.

All of our food and drink stops on the Devour Malaga Food Tour

Just for fun, I am going to add 1 bonus sixth sense.

It is best to Devour Málaga with common sense

There is no better way to enjoy the city than on this tour which combines the sights of the city with the food, history and multiple cultures.  They are all intertwined and have made the city what it is today, via the influences from our ancestors past, Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, Christians and more.  There really isn’t a better way to experience the city and have it tap into all of your senses.

Of course this was perfect for a girls day out, but it would also be a perfect thing to do in Málaga with the family.  What better way to keep your kids occupied then to provide them food all day!  They do offer special pricing for kids, so do check it out.


Disclosure:  My experience was provided by Devour Málaga and all opinions are my own.


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  1. What a fabulous blog! So glad I found it (thank you @costawomen).
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    • Oh that is awesome Rosie. Malaga is great, so head on back and see what is new. They have done loads with making it a beautiful place to enjoy.

  2. I’ve done the Devour tour in Barcelona, and now I’m dying to get back to Malaga to try it there! Wonderful 🙂

  3. Amazing place! Yummm…Food! I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your experience in Malaga.

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