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When visiting Koh Samui, a friend recommended something for us to check out.  It was called The Thai Experience and it had just opened about 2 months prior.  It was a big hit in Argentina and The Experience made its way to Thailand.  Of course we wanted to see what it was all about.  We reached out to them for availability during our time on Koh Samui, and the next thing you know we are scheduled for our very own Thai Experience.

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What is the Thai Experience?

They promise an experience and that is exactly what you get.  Not to mention endless amounts of the most delicious food.

The Thai Experience Greeting

Upon arrival we were greeted and had to pin our home location on a map.  This is always a tough one for us, as we have many homes and no home at all.  Of course, by default we select the birthplace of our children, North Carolina.

The Thai Experience pin the map

We waited for a few others to arrive and it was just a bit of social time.  The kids and I noticed how nicely the table was set, but had no clue why we had a big black stick.  Was it something to eat with?  Then we thought,maybe we would hit a drum or something.  Nope, that’s not it!

The Thai Experience place setting

The Thai Experience Begins

Once everyone was there it was time to begin our experience.  We were asked to adorn a cute little apron and black chef hat.  Then we were to be seated and informed we would get a lesson on making cocktails.  Our facilitator and host Richard was going to make sure we all had a great evening and alcohol was involved, if we wanted.  We wanted!  Well, the kids didn’t.  The had Mocktail lessons.  The fun began with a tasting of 3 different cocktails.  We all selected our favorite and had to then make it on our own.

The Thai Experience Cocktail shaking class

Oh the black stick, it was to crush limes!  Duh!

It was time to add all of the perfectly measured ingredients into the glass and then pour it into the shaker.  It was too much fun.  It was also pointed out that each and every person had their own “shaker face”.  We had a good laugh, as it was true.  I apparently bite my lip when shaking a cocktail.  The group favorite was the one with passion fruit and juice.

The Thai Experience drinks

Once we all had our drinks, we were informed they would keep flowing all night.  At anytime we could switch to beer or soft drinks as well.  This was going to be fun.  I think Lars had about 4 or 5 mocktails.

It was time for a little lesson before the endless parade of food started being served.  It was time for the Thai Experience part.  You see this wasn’t just a dinner and social activity.  The Thai Experience is like going on a food tour, without having to walk around.  It is like learning about the culture and traditions, without leaving your seat.  This was a full experience of it all combined into one.  We needed to learn how to say different levels of spices from mild to spicy.  Once we understood each level of spice, we were given a sticker so the chef know how to properly spice each and every dish.  We also learned about different greeting as well as all of those different foods seen on a stick.

Remember we wrote about Chiang Mai on a Stick?  Well now we know what some of the food is!

The Thai Experience different levels of spicy

Then the food started to roll.  Let me just start by saying, there were 15 plus courses.  I had a few cocktails and completely lost track of all names.  I was amazed at how they catered to all dietary needs, for each person attending.  Every single dish was so tasty.  I don’t think there was anything left on the plate.  Might I mention, I don’t eat seafood and I tried several dishes with seafood and loved them all!  Maybe they will convert me. 😉

The Thai Expereince Koh Samui - Delicious Food

At one point we even learned how to make your own dipping sauce, from Puy.  It is like a cross between a cooking class (but you don’t cook) and a food tour (but you don’t have to walk around).  Alan turned it into a science class for the kids, well for all attendees.  In the demo she stated we needed an equal balance of the fish sauce (salty base) and lime juice (acid) as well as a balance with the chili (spice) and tamarind paste (sweet).  If you have the right balance, it is divine!  I want that sauce for everything!

The Thai Experience dipping sauce

After many courses of appetizers and main dishes, it was time for dessert.  We each received our own plate with 3 individual desserts.  Moments later a huge cake was brought out as well.  This was something else!

Thai Experience Dessert

I would safely say we had an experience of a lifetime and made some new friends along the way.  Our kids are 10 and 12 and they had an absolute blast.  Of course they made the non-alcoholic cocktails, but had just as much fun!  They enjoyed learning and hanging out with the adults.  Oh, did I mention transportation was provided as well?  If not, that is a huge bonus, if you are planning to partake in all of the free-flowing cocktails.  We really appreciated that.

If you are planning some time in the Thai Islands, make your way over to Koh Samui and book this!  You not only get to enjoy awesome dinner out, you depart with new-found friends, knowledge of the local culture and an experience to remember.  They are looking into opening one in Barcelona, Spain.  You know we will be visiting there as well.

If you would like to book your own experience, check out the menu or even recipes, just visit their website.

The Thai Experience Koh Samui

Address:   Moo 3 Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84310
Phone:      093 682 1128

Hours:      approximately

 7:00 – 11:00 pm,  check website for days of the week

Disclosure: Our meal was hosted by the restaurant and all opinions are our own.

26 thoughts on “The Thai Experience – Koh Samui Thailand

  1. I was so excited that its not adults only experience… so I went to the website to book for me and my two sons…. only to find out, only 18+ accepted…


    • Shoot, we have been in and out of Bangkok a couple of times. We should have looked you up Chris. I would totally recommend you giving this a try next time you are in Koh Samui.

  2. Wow! This looks to be so much fun! Perfect combo about culture and yummy food. I really like the concept and I would love to have The Experience when I visit this beautiful part of Thailand I still didn’t been to! Can’t wait!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I love taking classes when we travel – great ways to learn about the culture and have a social night out.

  4. Sounds like a really fun experience! Lol though I tried to make my own Thai food once and it didn’t work out – we ended up eating out that night hehe. Perhaps though if I had an actual instructor to help in a fun setting like this it’d turn out a little better. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow! You’d have to roll me out of the restaurant by the time that was all over! Looks like you had a great time!

    • Hey we felt that way Sonja. Luckily they provided a taxi ride back to our hotel as well. Not from eating too much, but the drinks were free flowing too.

  6. We’ve spent a lot of time in Samui and found the food almost always really great. This looks like it would meet my expectations!

  7. As a food lover, and all things cultural, this looks like an unforgettable experience (especially when getting the kids involved with their mocktails aha)! You get to immerse yourself in the culture and get some tasty recipes and food out of it! Will hopefully get to give it a try!

  8. What a wonderful experience to travel with family and do stuff like this The hospitality in Thailand is always great and that culinary experience can make more memorable a visit to Koh Samui. Delicious!

    • We really fell in love with Thailand. We spent nearly 5 1/2 months in total there and you are right, the people are wonderful. Food is yummy too.

  9. Yum! Thai food is my favorite food in the whole world and it’s so cool that you got to have such a hands on experience with it.

  10. Mmmhh I love food, you know I love food. Always wished to visit Thailand – but with a Thai friend. My Thai friend stayed in Canada (she lives there permanently) and I didn’t. But the best Thai meal I ever had was at a Thai embassy, I lived in a capital city for a while and one of the treats of living in a capital city was frequent invitations to embassy parties haha!

    • Oh Serena, that sounds fascinating! We love Thai food and this night was exceptional. I am not sure we have ever learned so much and had so much fun at a dinner out. We made new friends and the conversation just kept going and going.

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