Creature Consumption In Bangkok Thailand – Eating Bugs

If you recall, Lars decided to create an eating bugs challenge for himself.  He wanted you, our readers to vote on which bug/critter/creature he should eat.

Eating Bugs Choices:
Beetles, Black Crickets, Brown Crickets, Grasshoppers, Scorpions, Tarantulas

Bangkok Creatures - 12 year old Lars Eating Bugs in Bangkok

You need to watch the video to watch Lars eating bugs and see which critter won!

Lars was so excited!  Ha!

Would you do it?

It was crunchy!

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12 thoughts on “Creature Consumption In Bangkok Thailand – Eating Bugs

  1. Lars, you continue to amaze me with your adventurous spirit. Continue to do whatever you’re doing, because it totally agrees with you. A proud grandma

  2. I realized as I was watching this that I had a grimace on my face the whole time. Yuck!, but kudos to Lars for being such an adventurous person to try things that the rest of us “chickens” wouldn’t think of doing. He is amazing!!!

  3. Our get-out clause is that we’re vegetarian. Didn’t realize insects were as popular in Thailand as they are in China. Kudos, though, for Lars managing to do what Karl Pilkington couldn’t, wouldn’t contemplate

    • Too funny. Bugs aren’t part of the vegetarian diet. 🙂 Only kidding. We absolutely love the Idiot Abroad. I actually forgot about that series. We may have to look it up on the internet and watch them all over again, now that we are in some of his destination spots. Thanks for the comment Matthew!

  4. Apparently this is what the whole world will be eating in years to come. Highly nutritious and much less environmentally damaging than meat consumption. I think even some UK supermarkets now sell bugs. It might seem odd to us, but it will seem normal in the future and eating cows will seem odd. Lars is ahead of the curve!

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