Favorite Eats On The Thailand Gulf Islands (Koh Tao, Phangan & Samui)

Well it seems that many of you are interested in our meals.  To conclude our Restaurant Review Week, here is a summary.  It include all of those featured in our review as well as a few more, so it covers all of the Thai Gulf Islands we visited.  Just so you know, some of these places have hosted us and shown us a really good time.  We only want to share our favorites with you, as there isn’t enough time in the day to write about every meal.  That said, we also provide many reviews on Trip Advisor, so you can check that out too.

Wagoners Abroad Favorite Eats Thai Gulf Islands - Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui

Wagoners Abroad – Favorite Eats On The Thai Gulf Islands
Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, & Koh Samui

Favorite Eats On Koh Tao

Cappuccino Bistro

Koh Tao Cappuccino Bistro

Located on the main street up from the pier at 6/9 Mae Haad.  They had the most reasonable prices for breakfast in town and the food was good.  The toast was homemade bread and fresh.  We enjoyed a couple of meals here.  You do need to get up to pay your bill, as the staff seems to be busy.  Service was good other than that. 

 Far Out Cafe

Koh Tao Far Out Cafe

This was directly across from our hotel at Jom Jam and very convenient.  It is just near the pier and along the road that parallels the beach.  The prices were a bit high, but seemed average for the island.  Alan enjoyed the chicken sandwich and the kids loved the shakes.  Their menu wasn’t over the top, but good food.


Favorite Eats On Koh Phangan

Pura Vida Café*

Wow! Where do I begin?  What a surprise to find such wonderful food in a small cafe.

The food was fantastic.  This place is owned and operated by 3 of the friendliest people, Inês, Nuno and Filipa.  They are from Portugal and make the most amazing dishes, many of which are traditional in Portugal.
Pura Vida Cafe Haad Yao - Koh Phangan Thailand

We ordered shakes, juice and coke for our drinks and a chicken breast sandwich, with homemade bread!  We also had the chicken filet with garden salad and the vegetables were absolutely wonderful, seasoned with a vinaigrette dressing and the chicken was cooked in bay leaf and garlic.  We also had a ham and cheese sandwich, again on the homemade bread.  As we were eating, we couldn’t stop commenting about the bread and finally had to ask where it was made.  They made it there!  Amazing.

We finished up our meal with some cream tarts, traditional in Portugal and named, Pastel de Nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry.  It was sprinkled with cinnamon and Lars said it was like a little piece of french toast.  The crust was so flakey and the custard was rich and creamy.  Can you tell we liked our meals?  Well, the owners did.  We didn’t have a spot of food remaining on our plates.  Good thing we are in town a few more days and they are just a couple of minutes walk from our hotel.

Their prices are very reasonable for an island menu and they give you very large portions. The food is all homemade with care and I think this is going to be the biggest hit around. They opened April 2014 and have been busy every time we have gone by.

We wish them all the best and do make and effort to stop by and give them a try.

Location :  Just across from  7-11 Haad Yao – Koh Phangan.  They are only open for breakfast and lunch, but it is a very filling meal.


Crave - Koh Phangan Thailand

Wow!  What a complete treat.  Okay just about anything you might crave!  Ribs, Salads, Burgers!  Yum.  We had them all.  Anya was doing the happy dance all night, right at the table.  The waitress even came over to check on her and then joined in on the dance.  Ha!  Oh but wait for dessert!  Can you tell we loved it.  Really my mouth is watering as I type this.  It really is worth a venture over, no matter where you are on the island.  We had so much fun that we stayed well past our meal.  In fact we made a full night out of it.  The wine was pretty good too.  Read more about our visit.


Favorite Eats On Koh Samui


Lunch with Island Gem Picnic*

Imagine being greeted at your hotel and taken to the southern shores of Koh Samui.  You board your own private long-tail boat and are transported to a remote island.  Of course this is all atop the most beautiful blue water you will ever see.  You stop in a perfectly remote location to snorkel a bit and have the entire reef to yourself.  Then you move on to another island, where a gourmet lunch is served, just for you!  Okay, now you are listening.  Let me tell you about our experience.

Wagoners Abroad on a private Island Gem Picnic Koh Samui Thailand


A Tasty Meal with Noori India*

We have been traveling for quite some time and we just wanted a little variety.  We are so happy we found Noori India as an option on Koh Samui.  We dined on a Tuesday night about 7pm and the place filled up quickly.  We were able to meet the head chef and manager as well.  He came out to check on us and make sure we were enjoying our meal.  Read more about our full experience.

D.D. welcoming us to Noori India Chaweng Beach Koh Samuii


Over The Top Service at Stacked*

We had the best dinner out at Ozo Hotel along Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui!  We kept walking past each day and the building and restaurant looked so inviting.  Finally one day we stopped in for dinner and what a treat.  This isn’t a budget burger place, but they know how to make a really good burger.  The funky thing is the restaurant is named “Stacked” and the food comes stacked high!  Read more about our yummy food at Stacked.

Stacked Samui Burgers and Food

 The Thai Experience – A Fun and Unique Way to Dine and Learn*

When visiting Koh Samui, a friend recommended something for us to check out.  It was called The Thai Experience and it had just opened about 2 months prior.  It was a big hit in Argentina and The Experience has made its way to Thailand.  Of course we wanted to see what it was all about.  We reached out to them for availability during our time on Koh Samui, next thing you know we are scheduled for our very own Thai Experience.

Please read our full review of The Thai Experience.
The Thai Expereince Koh Samui - Delicious Food


Khaw Glong Restaurant*

This is a very small but popular restaurant.  Located right off the main beach road in Chaweng Beach.  The food was absolutely delicious and probably the freshest we’ve had on the island.  Our full Review of Khaw Glong Restaurant

Khaw Glong Restaurant Koh Samui

Thanks for coming along on our dining adventure.  If you liked our Restaurant Reviews, please let us know. If you dine at any of those we mentioned, please tell them you read about them on Wagoners Abroad!

Let us know what you think.  Did you have a favorite?  If you had to choose just one of the meals, which would it be and why?

* Disclosure: Many of our meals were hosted by the restaurant. All opinions are our own and we are only sharing our favorites with you!

Come on and tell us what you think!

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