Ahhhhh! At The Spa In Almuñécar Spain

This is PJ Alan here with a relaxing post for all of you to read.  Did you notice the “PJ” before my name?  Well, that’s my new thing.  You see, growing up listening to radio, I had some favorite DJs.  For the three of you youngsters who read this blog, that stands for Disc Jockey.  They were the people who announced the upcoming music, provided insight into the bands, and generally provided good banter.  Fast forward a few years, when MTV started, there were VJs.  Those Video Jockeys did much the same thing as their radio counterparts.  So now, I’ve come up with PJ for Post Jockey.  This will be the new term, and will be so hip, and “in”.  Remember:  You saw it here first!

Playa Senator Spa - Almunecar Spain

We’ve been back in lovely Almuñécar for a couple of weeks, and we’re getting back into our typical schedule.  The kids are back in school, and that gives us some time to catch up on our blog.  It also means that we have some time to go to the spa!  This is really such a relaxing experience, that Heidi suggested that we cover it.  This is the gift I gave Heidi for her birthday last year, and we’re finally getting around to using it!

One of the largest, if not the largest hotel has an incredible spa here.  Normally, it’s 15 Euros per person, but on Wednesdays and Fridays, they have special two-for-one pricing, that’s just too good to pass up.  The hotel is very close to us, so we decide to head on over.

I won’t give a rundown of what we did, because that would be a tad boring, and PJ Alan isn’t into that.  We’re hip over here at Wagoners Abroad.  So I will describe all the various rooms and facilities available at the spa.

Locker Room – A very small room to get changed that has lockers.  Also a small shower.

Showers – Before getting into the various pools, it’s necessary to shower first.  But there’s a catch.  The hot is where the cold is, and the cold is where the hot is.  That can make for a very refreshing experience.

Showers - Playa Senator AquaPlaya Spa in Almuñécar Spain

Steam Room – There are two of these rooms and oh so relaxing.  With a little eucalyptus in the air, it is great for the sinuses.

Ice Room – There is a cold ass room with ice in it.  It’s currently winter, and not very warm out, so I’m not even going in.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Ahhhhh and Brrrrr - Steam to the left and Ice on the right - - Playa Senator AquaPlaya Spa in Almuñécar Spain

Crazy Shower – The first time we came to the spa, I tried this out, and was not a big fan.  This medium-sized shower stall has a bunch of nozzles arranged from head to toe.  You’re thinking it’s like a standup massage with all of those jets hitting you at once.  In reality, this is a shower that doesn’t know how to make up it’s mind.  As you stand there, the jets go on and off, and all random, so you don’t know where the next spray will come from.  If that’s not enough, you get random temperatures as well.  This temperature ranges from hot steam to seriously cold.  I could see this thing being used in a Japanese game show because you’re trying to move body parts (yes, I’m talking about my midsection) out-of-the-way of a cold blast, only to be blasted by a burning jet.  What. The. Hell!?  I’m sure someone out there will tell me it’s supposed to be good for circulation, or some other B.S., but I’ll keep my circulation just the way it is thank you very much.  Stay away from the Crazy Shower.  You’ve been warned!

Saunas – There are two sauna rooms with the rocks.  You know, the dry heat.  One for those who wish to wear a swimsuit, and another one for those who don’t.  Yeah…gotta make sure you’re careful sitting down in that one!I like these, but can’t be in them long.  I prefer the steam room, but breaking a good sweat is always nice.

Sauna (with bathing suit) Playa Senator AquaPlaya Spa in Almuñécar Spain

Pool – This a moderately warm pool that has a big waterfall in it.  The pool is not big enough to do laps, but you can swim and stretch.  If you’re looking for some massage action, standing under the waterfall is very nice.

Cold Plunge – This is a very small pool that’s deep enough for you to dunk yourself in cold water.  You will experience the sensation of just-barely-above-freezing water all over.  I’m not into that painful shriveling sensation, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

Orange / Lemon Pool – This is another moderately warm pool that’s smaller than the first, but the cool thing is there are oranges or lemons floating around.  It is very refreshing if you like the citrusy smell.  Oh, and you’re not supposed to touch the lemons.  I was goofing off with the lemons when Heidi read me the multi-language sign that says, “Don’t touch the lemons”.  Whoops!

Citrus Pool - Playa Senator AquaPlaya Spa in Almuñécar Spain

Jacuzzi – It’s hot, and bubbly.  This was my favorite part of the spa experience.  Finding that perfect jet, and moving your back, arms, legs, and anything else you can get into position, just feels great!

Neck Massage Pool – This is a lot like the jacuzzi, but without the super hot water.  This is a warm pool with these weird high pressure nozzles that are out of the water that spray against your neck.  If you are like Heidi, you would prefer to stand up and have the jets hit your lower back.

Pools at Playa Senator Spa - Almunecar Spain

There’s a water cooler to stay hydrated, and it was very relaxing.  I like the flexibility of being able to go where you want, when you want.  Get as hot or as cold as you want (stay the hell away from the Crazy Shower though — seriously).  No kids.  Ahhhhh!  Plus it gave Heidi and I some nice time to talk about various things.  This is also a full service spa with other treatments, but we like to just spend a few hours enjoying the main spa facilities.

Well, this is PJAlan signing off for now.  If you ever visit us, make sure you bring your bathing suit, as the spa is a fantastic thing to do while in Almuñécar.

AquaPlaya is the name of the Spa at  Playa Senator Almuñécar Hotel.  It is the large terracotta colored hotel on San Cristobal Beach.

Click here for best pricing, availability and photos of the rooms!


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