Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

Hey, its Lars today I will be writing about some, uh what’s the word, different things in school. First of all in Spain, the schools are not fancy; they are very basic and plain. About a month ago, my parents had completed some paperwork and enrolled me in a school. My parents were given a list of supplies: a “rubber” (eraser), 6 rolls of toilet paper, and some note books.

The second difference I noticed on the first day of school, the kids said “servicio” and they would walk out with the toilet paper in my classroom. At the time I was very scared and nervous, so that was probably last thing on my list of things to worry about.  The next day, I was more confident and thought ‘Hey, nobody has left this place alone without toilet paper!’ and then it clicked.  I had an epiphany!


“The Hall Pass is the Toilet Paper.  The Toilet Paper is the Hall Pass!”

We were, and still are, using the toilet paper as a hall pass. The only rule:

Take what you need.

If you are a boy, it can be pretty embarrassing if you take the whole roll, another thing to worry about is your Street Cred; the bullies don’t care if you are Chinese, Spanish or American, they will make fun of you. That is where you decide:

Do I want to risk bullies and have clean undies, or do I come home with skid marks and stay cool at school?

I’ll let you decide what I opt for.

10 thoughts on “Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

  1. That was hilarious Lars!
    I think I will not be showing this post to my kids who this Summer will be going to school in Spain….it will scare them off! Lol!

  2. of course you’d go for the clean (well maybe a little skid mark or two). lars, please keep posting….you are hysterical! i think you have even surpassed your dad for being clever!!!!

    by the way, dillion calls me Geema; so i think i’ll start using it. love you!

  3. Lars, I am still laughing! You certainly have inherited your Dad’s sense of humor.
    Still wish someone would turn your family into a TV series. LOL

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