Do You See What I See? – Spring Flowers Everywhere

Magenta Spring Flowers

I love the outdoors and I love to garden.  It is the best feeling to see all of the Spring Flowers and being in touch with nature. This is one of the things “I gave up” to live our life in Spain.

Back in North Carolina, I would plant in the fall and anxiously await the arrival of the Spring Flowers.  First I would see the daffodils and the hot pink phlox.  Then the baby iris and tulips would arrive.  The list went on through the summer, so I could enjoy little pops of color around the yard.  I love color and tried to have it everywhere.  That came at a great expense and loads of work.  So let me tell you, that was not too tough to give up when I realized I was surrounded by so much beauty and color everywhere I turn in Almuñécar.

If you recall in the beginning I was felt like I had Terrace Envy and I wanted to “own and care for” my own beautiful garden.  As many of you reminded me, I can enjoy all that I have around me.  I have seen the light and realized the bonus, I don’t have to do the work!  Each and every month I am filled with joy to see all of the beautiful colors accenting Almuñécar.

This month it seems to be a Magenta month.  Okay, I may be using magenta a little loosely as it is really pinks, purples and shades of magenta.  The kids and I had a long debate about what color Magenta really is, but I am going to reference it anyway!  Everywhere I look there is a shade of pink or purple billowing over the old stone walls or accenting a stark white terrace.  Driving along the beach promenade we find loud bursts of raging pink.  My favorite are the archways of flowers over doors, gates and driveways.

Enjoy a snippet of our daily view of Magenta Spring Flowers

Share with us what you are seeing around your place!  Better yet, show us!  You can post a picture on our Facebook page.  You can also chime in on what you think the color Magenta is… pink, purple etc.

6 thoughts on “Do You See What I See? – Spring Flowers Everywhere

  1. I’d sure love to see those colours in Almuñécar! Good thing I can see them here in Malaga too. One thing I looove about the south – and you get them ALL YEAR ROUND! Yeah!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! The south is great for the year round flowers. It is as if someone painted a new color around town each month. I just love it!

  2. Cherry blossom where we are. Heidi, I love your writing and photos, they are so natural, and dare I say it, not too professional (I truly mean this a s a compliment!) The favourite thing I love about the Med and flowers, are the window boxes full of geraniums………ahhhh I’m almost with you.x

    • Aw thanks Melanie. Ok, I will take anything even remotely similar to a compliment! With me, you just get me! LOL Oh, I do love cherry blossoms with the dark bark and the soft pale ping flowers. The photos are just me snapping around. Alan wishes I would polish and edit more as I am sure everyone else does too. We will see if I ever get around to it. You are so sweet and glad you are our friend. We love hearing from you.

        • Not to worry, I am an old dog. LOL

          By the way… thanks loads for immediately getting Billy Joel’s “Don’t Go Changing” lyrics stuck in my head!!!! ug, don’t want to go to sleep with that bouncing around. Ha!

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