Spanish Immersion – Watch The Most Vulnerable Moments!

This time it is all on the line for me, with my Spanish Immersion experience.  I am sharing far more than I have ever been comfortable sharing with all of you, so I will admit I was a little nervous hitting that publish button.  This time my experience and performance is all captured on video, and guess what you can watch it below!
Spanish Immersion - Watch The Most Vulnerable Moments! This time it is all on the line for me, with my Spanish Immersion experience. This time it's all on video, with journals, skits, presentations & more! Read more on

As you know I completed a 2 week program with Pueblo Español and I wrote all about it.  (hop on over and read it here)

What do I feel most vulnerable about?

I am just going to get it all out in the open right here and now, so I don’t have to brave any comments or judgements.  Apparently I am a little more soft-spoken when I am speaking in Spanish, so that is likely because I am less confident.  Especially when it comes to giving presentations in front of the group.  In time it will all get better, so I know that.  It is still tough allowing the world to see and hear me.

My second thing is I haven’t been completely on video in many years.  I am usually in control of the filming and editing, thus I am in control of how much of my body is shown.  Well in these videos, there were others taking videos and exposed far more than I would like.

Okay now that i have all of that off of my chest, it is time for the video!

Watch the Video of my Spanish Immersion Experience!

I am going to warn you it is a very long video, but I wanted to share as much as I could with you.  This is just in case you are considering immersing in a Spanish conversation course with Pueblo Español too.  The video is a mix of me speaking Spanish and English and it is about 15 minutes long.  I will lay out a timeline below, just in case you want to jump to a certain part.

I have some video journals, skits, activities, tours and presentations.  I cut many of the items short, just to give you a feel.  My final presentation on the second to the last day was over 10 minutes long, I think I just shared a few minutes with you.

Video Timeline

  • 00:09     Journal in English about 4 day prep class (Monday – Thursday)
  • 02:45     Journal in Spanish about 4 day prep class
  • 03:53     Journal in English about 2nd day of immersion (Saturday)
  • 05:09     Journal in English about 4th day of immersion (Monday)
  • 06:13     Journal in English/Spanish about 5th day of immersion (Tuesday)
  • 07:45     La Alberca Town and Hotel Doña Teresa room
  • 08:25     La Alberca Corpus Christi Festival in town
  • 08:45     Impromptu activity – presenting Grand Canyon & Southwest
    students created a tourist promotion for home country
  • 09:10     Spanish Volunteer presentation by Angela
  • 09:20     1/2 day Excursion to Salamanca
  • 09:31     Impromptu Skit – I am so soft-spoken, because I don’t like this stuff
  • 09:52     My final presentation – “my life with napkins”  (Thursday)
    I had 10 points, but I share 3 with you.
  • 13:40     Final Dinner and Dancing (Thursday night)

Heidi’s Journey to learning Spanish

Read all about my journey learning Spanish and my goal of attending the 1-week Spanish conversation course with Pueblo Español.

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  2. This Will Make You Understand The Path To Speaking Spanish
  3. Learning Spanish – Alan & Heidi Speak!
  4. Speaking Spanish Update: After 4 Months Of Studying
  5. YIKES! Heidi’s Going To Pueblo Español!


Address:  Calle Orense 4, 7th floor. 28020 Madrid, Spain.
Phone:    +34 913 913 400

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Learning Spanish with Pueblo Espanol in La Alberca Spain. Heidi tells all about her 1 week of full immersion in a Spanish conversation course.. Read more on

Have you experienced or thought about doing Spanish immersion?  Tell us all about it!

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