Fresh Strawberries have arrived!

Nerja, Spain Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries in February!

I don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe a little), but we are loving the fresh Strawberries right now!  This is a family that loves their berries, but we are used to having them in the Spring/Summer only.  They started appearing in the market about 3-4 weeks ago and we just can’t get enough.

I noticed the small container of Huge Red Strawberries at the store for 1,25 € per 1/4 kilo (About 5 € per Kilo or $6.50 for 2.2 lbs).  At the time I didn’t even bother with the math to see if that was a good deal or not, into the basket they went.  Once home, the entire family devoured these sweet little creatures in a matter of minutes.  We knew we were hooked.

I just had to find out where they were grown.  After a little asking around, it turns out they are grown locally in Nerja, Spain.  Nerja is the next big town to the west, about 15-20 minutes from us.  This is the huge bonus of living in Andalusia (Southern Spain), the love of fresh produce locally grown!  A bulk of the produce is locally grown and plentiful, not to mention inexpensive.  With a little more investigation, it turns out Spain is the top Strawberry exporter. Of course the U.S. produces more, but Spain tops the export charts.

Let the fun begin with our Strawberries

Since then, I have found a little produce market that has them for 2 € per kilo!  (Conversion for those thinking in U.S. Dollars =  about $2.60 for 2.2 lbs).  This is a price I, the frugal one, LOVE!  A few times a week, I walk to the produce market and pick up a kilo.  Then I bring them home and have a big bowl cleaned and ready for the kids when they arrive home from school.

Produce shop

Our favorite ways to east Strawberries:

  1. Just plop the fresh sweet strawberry into our mouth.
  2. Add a little dab of Nutella and Nom Nom.
  3. Chocolate dipped!  (Alan and the kids have made these for me for Mother’s Day and other occasions.)
  4. Sliced in a homemade crepe with whipped cream.
  5. Sliced with whipped cream.
  6. Mixed with freshly sliced bananas
  7. Topping a pancake with powdered sugar (pancake is made from scratch, we miss Bisquick)
  8. We are going to attempt to make our own Strawberry Jam (any tips would be great)

As you can see, we love them!  I am sure there are more ways to eat them, but that is just what I can think of off hand.  Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “Fresh Strawberries have arrived!

  1. I love strawberries, but we only ever really get them when they are UK strawberries and in season. So as you can imagine we don’t eat them much! They are a treat though – I love them with vanilla yoghurt 🙂

    • Oh Kirsty that is a good idea with yoghurt. I think I will give that a try, but we already finished off the strawberries I purchased today. Time to go back to the market tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Wow, those strawberries look bigger and juicier than any we’ve seen on Gran Canaria, Heidi. However, we can boast coffee plantations.

  3. They look so good. My favorite foodie thing about Galicia Spain was the cherries! they were so good and so cheap. I tried to buy Strawberries for Valentines day this year and they were $30 for a small punnet here 🙁

    • They are yummy. Come on over and we will give you some. 🙂
      I can’t wait to see what Spring and Summer has in store for us on the produce front. We are surrounded by farmland, so I can’t wait. We also have fresh avocados, artichokes and mounds of oranges right now.

  4. Strawberries arrive in NC in the May time frame. Although, I just got some ‘solar tunnel’ grown NC strawberries in the store this past week.

  5. When do you get strawberries back home? In Canada, we were lucky if we got some in June (or at all haha). I keep saying I have to go out and get some, I have to go out and get some, but I keep forgetting the cream, and without cream = no strawberries for me either! But I’ll get some and skip the cream if I forget it (oh, but how could I eat them without cream, I LOVE strawberries ‘n cream………….).

    • I think they would be out in NC around late April or May? I really don’t remember. I will eat them with cream or with out cream. On a train or in the rain. I will eat them anywhere, any how! Go get some Serena. 😉

      • Got some, Heidi! But of course I also made sure to get lots of heavy cream. I LOVE them with sugar and heavy cream. Somehow the combination of the 3 is magic! It’s not just the same eating cream and sugar, or cream and strawberries, or strawberries and sugar. It has to be the 3 together hehe.

        • However, strawberries aren’t my favourite fruit, actually. My favourite fruits are raspberries and blueberries (I’ve even got a post up about how much I LOVE and MISS blueberries here in southern Spain, they’re practically non-existent here).

          • Great Serena. I don’t think I have ever had them with heavy cream and sugar. Guess we will need to try that. I am going to pick up another kilo today. We love all berries and throw them in a blender for a good smoothie. We need to get a blender.

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