LEGOLAND Water Park Malaysia Time For Fun With A Splash

With 20 water slides, a wave pool, floating river and splash area, LEGOLAND Water Park is the place to hang out and cool down on a hot day in Malaysia.  This is the perfect place for small children, as there is so much available at this park for those ages.  We all had fun and enjoyed our time visiting the park.

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia

Flashback to 2015:

Family Favorites at LEGOLAND Water Park

Of course it is no surprise that this family likes the big slides.  When you have older kids that is just how it goes.  They had 3 favorites that were repeated several times throughout the day.  There was little to no wait time for each slide, so we could just keep going as much as we liked.

LEGO® Slide Racers

The kids loved that it wasn’t too bumpy and smooth ride through the tube and then out on to the slopes, ending in a splash.  There are 6 slides in total and they like to wait for all 6 slides to be occupied before letting you take off.  Ha, isn’t that a difficult problem to have.  The kids had to wait for people to arrive to ride the slide, rather than wait in a long line of people.  An advantage and disadvantage of going on a day when the park was almost all to ourselves.

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Slide Racers

Brick Blaster 

This is a group ride (2-3 people) on a big round raft, this has both tunnels and open air sections.  This isn’t fast-moving, so they did allow smaller children to go on the slide as well (minimum height is 107cm or 3.5 feet).  Getting the big raft up the hill was a bit of a task, but it was fun.

Splash ‘N’ Swirl 

This one requires a tube for 1 or 2 people and is enclosed part of the time. There is a big bowl swirl near the end and then it plops you down and spits you out.  This seemed to be a park favorite, with the longest lines.  There are spots where it is slow-moving and there were smaller children riding with adults.

Wagoners Abroad visits Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Wave Pool and Slides

Red Rush 

This was another group raft ride, for up to 6 people.  We found this to be fun, but very mellow.  It was just my style and my favorite, but the kids prefer the speed and tunnels.


This was your typical slow-moving lazy river, with an extra bonus we all loved.  Huge foam LEGO® bricks float along in the river with you!  They have platforms mounted on the sides of your tube to start building with LEGO® bricks as you float.  That was so much fun!  The kids and I eventually ditched the tubes and just built our own LEGO® brick raft, well at least enough to keep us afloat.  We went around the lazy river too many times to count.  I will say, it was a bit shallower than we are typically used to, but it was still fun.

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Build a Raft

Joker Soaker 

Who doesn’t love the huge bucket of water dumping on them?  Oh the anticipation as it is filling up, just wondering when it is going to dump.  Then the bell starts sounding, building the excitement even more, and then it happens.  SPLASH!

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Joker Soaker

For the little kids

Just in case you have little ones, there is a great toddler area to play.
Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia toddler area


Tips for LEGOLAND Water Park

  • Arrive early to enjoy as much of LEGOLAND Water Park as you can, before the afternoon storms arrive.
  • Plan to attend on a weekday, as it is far less crowded.
  • Bring a small towel along with you to dry off.
  • Perfect for kids 10 and younger, as most rides are very slow and safe.  If you have older kids, perhaps a combo ticket with LEGOLAND Theme Park is a good idea.  We spent about 4 hours at the water park and then finished the day on the roller coasters at the theme park.  Our kids have that adrenaline gene.
  • They do provide shaded areas for free, but if you want something private with a small fridge then you can rent Cabanas for about 300 RM for the full day and 180 for 2pm onwards (4 person capacity).
    Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Dining, Cabana, Ticketing and Shade
  • Lockers are available to store your personal belongings
  • Drink plenty of water
  • No watches, eye glasses or cameras are allowed on the slide, so you will need to either store them or just leave what you can at your hotel.
  • Plenty of life jackets are available for infants, toddlers, small children and even adults.
    Legoland Water Park Shoe Rack and Life Jackets
  • Bring snacks or be prepared to pay higher prices for food.  There are 2 dining options at the LEGOLAND Water Park.  If you have a combo ticket with LEGOLAND Theme Park, then you will have more dining options.

Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Build a raft lazy river


LEGOLAND Water Park Map


Legoland Water Park Johor Bahru Malaysia Park Map

LEGOLAND Water Park Information

    • LEGOLAND Malaysia Website
    • LEGOLAND Tickets
    • LEGOLAND Hours and Calendar  Typically 10am – 7pm, please check calendar for current info.
    • Phone +607 597 8888. (Daily, 9.00am – 7.00pm, Malaysia time)
    • Email at
    • Location – 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya Johor Malaysia

Have you visited one of the many LEGOLAND parks?  If so, tell us where and about your experience in the comments below.

Disclaimer: We would like to thank LEGOLAND Malaysia for hosting our visit.

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