Learn The Body Parts In Spanish

If you are planning a move to Spain, already living in Spain or just planning a visit, you should really learn the body parts in Spanish.  You never know when you are going to need to make that trip to the médico or doctor.
If you live in Spain or planning to visit, this will help you learn the body parts in Spanish. You never know when you may need to see a médico or doctor. Learn more on WagonersAbroad.com

When you are in a foreign country, it is best to learn some basic vocabulary before your trip.  We usually start off with the basic manners and greetings and count up to five.  That usually gets us started if we are just going on a short vacation or something.

If you have moved or are planning a move to Spain, it is a good idea to learn a bit more than that before your arrival.  I would also like to recommend you learn where the medical care centers are upon your arrival as well. 

It seems that we get that urgent message from a client or a reader asking where the doctor is or what to say to them, but only when they are in immediate need of a doctor. That said, it isn’t a good feeling and some of the stress can be prevented by knowing a bit of vocabulary.

We will review the main body parts in Spanish with you, including the English meaning as well.  In addition, there will be a few common illnesses and phrases you may use at the doctor as well. 


Body parts in Spanish and English

el cuerpo –  the body
la piel – the skin
el hueso – the bone
el músculo – the muscle
la sangre – the blood
análisis de sangre – analysis of blood

Head and Face

la cabeza – the head
el pelo – the hair
la oreja – the ear
la cara – the face
la frente – the forehead
las cejas – the eyebrows
el ojo – the eye
las pestañas – the eyelashes
la nariz – the nose
las mejillas – the cheeks
la boca – the mouth
los labios – the lips
la lengua – the tongue
el diente – the tooth
la barbilla – the chin

Neck and Upper Body

la garganta – the throat
el cuello – the neck 
los hombros – the shoulders
los brazos – the arms
los codos – the elbows
las muñecas – the wrists
los manos – the hands
los dedos – the fingers
el pecho – the chest
las costillas – the ribs
el corazón  the heart
la espalda – the back
la cintura – the waist
el estómago – the stomach
el ombligo – belly button

Legs and Lower Body

la cola – the tail/the butt
la pelvis – the pelvis
la cadera – hip
las piernas – the legs
el muslo – the thigh
las rodillas – the knees
la pantorrilla – the calf
la espinilla – the shin
los tobillos – the ankles
los pies – the feet
el talón – the heel 
los dedos del pie – the toes

Descriptions to tell doctor in Spanish

Handy Phrases

  • Doctor in Spanish – Medico
  • I need an appointment – Necesito una cita
  • I have an appointment – Tengo una cita
  • Private – Privado
  • Insurance in Spanish – Seguro
  • Pain – Dolor
  • I hurt or I have pain – Me duele
  • Health or healthy in Spanish – Salud

Descriptions to tell the doctor in Spanish

derecho – right
izquierdo – left

Estoy enfermo/enferma – I am sick  (males say enfermo, females say enferma)

Me duele/ la/el ______ –  “My ______ hurts.” (singular like; arm, leg, eye, etc…)
Me duele el brazo izquierdo – my left arm hurts

Mis duelen las/los ______ –  “My ______ hurt.” (plural like; arms, legs, eyes, etc..)
Me duelen los brazos – my arms hurt

What the doctor may say in Spanish

¿Cuál es el problema? – What is the problem?
¿Tiene dolor? – Do you have pain?
¿Que tipo de síntomas tiene? – What kind of symptoms do you have?
¿Donde le duele? Where does it hurt (you)?
¿Tiene fiebre? Do you have fever?

Common Illnesses

Dolor de cabeza – Headache
Fatiga – Fatigue
Náusea – Nausea
Diarrea – Diarrhea
Estreñimiento – Constipation
Insomnio – Insomnia
catarro/resfriado – a cold
Gripe – Flu
Alergia – Allergy
Asma – Asthma
Depresión – Depression
Diabetes – Diabetes
Tos – Cough

A song to learn the body parts in Spanish

Just like when you were a kid, a great way to memorize something is with repetition or with a tune.  This little video is great for people of all ages and will help you learn the main body parts in Spanish, in no time at all! Have fun!


References and Emergency numbers

The main emergency number to call in Spain is 112, but there are more!
Read more here.

List of 139 medical terms in Spanish, read more.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

It would help to have your emergency contact on your phone, if you are involved in an accident or ill in the street and a contact number cannot be found.  It is often a problem for emergency services to find that contact number if your mobile phone is locked.
You can place a contact number on the lock screen of your mobile and this can make all of the difference in an emergency!
In Spain, you simply add the letters “AA” and then the phone number of the person you’d like to be contacted in an emergency.  AA stands for “avisar a” or please call. 
People use ICE in English speaking countries – in case of emergency.  
Go into the settings and find the screen lock and then lock screen signature, although other mobiles may be different. Type in the phone number and it will appear on the lock screen.

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