How to Save Money When Traveling in Europe

No one can deny that Europe can be one of the most expensive travel options in the world. For instance, if you have plans for traveling in Europe next year, you will more than likely have to start saving today. Especially when it comes to food and accommodation, the costs is sure to be higher than the airfare.

You need to plan ahead when traveling in Europe. A guide and tips that will help you keeping yourself within a budget.

You need to plan ahead when traveling in Europe. Here’s a guide and a few tips that will help you keep yourself within a budget.

1. Be Flexible in Terms of Flight Booking

If you book your ticket 4 or 5 months before your visit, you will easily be able to save on
the airfare. Those who book during peak months usually have to incur much higher
charges. Furthermore, if you are offered any discounts from the airlines, don’t take too long to decide. It is wise to take whatever offer you are given because there are several
other expenses during the trip that you might not have considered.

2. Choose a Rental Property

If you are going on a solo trip, it is best to settle for a cheap hotel. However, if you’re
traveling with family, it is best to choose a rental property. Especially if you have
planned to stay for a long time, choosing a rental property can save a lot of money. The
strongest benefit of choosing a rental is that you can easily stay in a place with more space for your family. Search for cheap rentals in the area where you have planned to stay.  You may even want to check out housesitting in Europe.

Housesitting a great alternative to pet boarding. House sit Kuala Lumpur - Hanging out at the Koi pond with Luke the dog and Lucky the cat

3. Always Use a Debit Card

Using a credit card doesn’t only encourage you to spend more money, but it can also
take a big toll on your budget when you come back home. So, it is best to use your
savings and put the debit card in the front row. If you’re from the US, you must install a money transfer app on your phone. You never know when a sudden calamity might fall
on you. Keep in touch with your family members so they can contact you in case you’re
short of funds. Educate your family members about different ways they can transfer
money to Europe from the US.

4. Choose Public Transport

If you want the best experience of traveling in Europe, opt for public transport. Not only
will it save a lot of money, but it will also expose you to the culture of a new place. It
is said that Europe has the world’s best public transport. With massive advancements in
technology, public transport is better than ever. Once you land in Europe, you can travel
via the most amazing trains in the world at lower prices. You can also enjoy the tour of
an entire city through minibusses and cabs.  Some countries are cheaper than others when it comes to travel by train, so do check all of your options.

Pueblo Espanol Spanish Conversation Course begins. The bus departed from Madrid and we shared the bus with the large group of Pueblo Ingles as well. They were staying in a different area in La Alberca.

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