How to Cancel Vodafone in Spain

As much as we love Almuñécar, and Spain, there are times when it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get things done.  There’s the obvious Spanish language issue where we’re not fluent, but we’ve adapted pretty well on handling it.  The real problem is when the government or companies put up a lot of roadblocks.  Case in point…trying to Cancel Vodafone in Spain.Cancel Vodafone in Spain

Since we’re moving to Southeast Asia, we’re trying to cancel all of those monthly bills.  You know, phones, internet, etc.  Obviously those companies don’t want to lose us as valued customers, so they do their very best to make it difficult to cancel.  Vodafone has been fairly slippery in this regard.  Going to their website wasn’t a lot of help other than writing, “Dial 123 from your mobile.”

Another part of the puzzle is that we do not want our service to end now, we need it to end in the future, so I don’t want to talk with some representative, and accidently cancel the service early.  And to add yet another spin to this whole thing is that we have not met our 2-year contract commitment.  We’ve seen various forums where there’s a €100 early termination fee, or you have to pay out the number of months left.

Very confusing.  I kicked off this whole process, by calling Customer Service (snort), and talked to a guy who spoke crazy fast.  Understanding about every tenth word, I conceded defeat, and asked for someone who could speak English.

A few minutes later, Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez got on the line, and explained that his department didn’t handle cancellations, but that I had to dial 123, say, “Bajas”, and then they would provide me a fax number and instructions on the documents I needed to fax.

I asked him what the fax number was, but he said he didn’t know it.  Figures.  I have no doubt that he didn’t know.  He was a nice guy who did his best to explain his understanding of the process, but I’m sure the guy who flunked his Process Optimization class in college doesn’t really care that this process is very convoluted. Who knows, maybe he doesn’t know how to Cancel Vodafone in Spain

Luckily, we have an awesome neighbor in Josina, and she called the special number, said the magic “Bajas”, and was transferred into one of those awful voice response systems.  Once she got an actual live human being on the other end, we had the complete instructions for cancelling Vodafone.

So before I post these super valuable instructions, I want to remind all of those people who’ve found this page by searching on Google, and are raptly reading this page in the hopes of finding out the Super Secret of cancelling Vodafone service.  Consider donating to the Wagoners Abroad cause.

It was worth a shot.

How to Cancel Vodafone in Spain

The instructions to cancel Vodafone service are:

  • Copy both sides of your NIE / Passport (they need a photo ID);
  • Write a letter requesting the cancellation of service.  Include your name, number, date to end service, and a contact number/e-mail if you have one.  Here is a sample:

Estimados Señores, 

Por favor, cancelar mi contrato:

<<Your full name as it is listed on the account>>
<<Your mobile number>>

como de <<date you want service terminated>>.

Mi número de teléfono y correo electrónico son las siguientes:

<<A different contact number if you have one>> 
<<Email address>>

Entiendo que hay un cargo de 100 euros.


<< Sign your name >> << Today’s date >>

  • Fax the ID document and Cancellation Letter to 607131863.

Note that I copied my both sides of my NIE on one page, and then printed the Cancellation Letter on the same page.  The fax number may change, and your cancellation fee may be different.

Also, we were informed that the turnaround/acceptance of the cancellation happens immediately (within a day), so I’m not sure if you could specify a cancellation date a month out, or if it’s just better to wait to cancel closer to your desired date.  If you know any further specifics, chime in below.

I hope this helps.  Remember…I’m sharing the knowledge gained through a lot of pain and trouble, so think twice about donating.

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12 thoughts on “How to Cancel Vodafone in Spain

  1. Oh wait… I forgot the biggest lie…
    The deal i have with vodafone costs €39,50 (VAT included) a month (according their folder THAT THEY INCLUDED IN THE BAG), yet they charge me €60,00 a month!!!

    I dunno if i even wanna TRY the correct way anymore…
    But just to be on the safe side, if some1 knows of any… Just yell.



  2. Hi,

    I too have big issues with…
    Not only are they incompetent and client-unfriendly, but they will tell you just about anything you like to hear in order to make you sign a contract.

    I am movistar client for many years now and was pretty happy with their service.
    I have landline, internet (adsl), movistar tv, 2 mobiles and a wifi stick.
    One day i started to experience problems with the connection cable to my apartment. The problem does not apear to be a movistar problem, as it is a cable within the community. Unfortunatly, as i am the only user of this cable (the british use eurona) the community decided not to replace the cable…

    So i went to vodafone and asked if they had a solution for my problem… They said they did.
    They gave me a 4G LTE router (huawei) and a phone that looks like a cellphone for dummies (???).
    I ask them will it work with my 2 chromecasts, they said it would.
    I also asked them what about tv? They said vodafone intelligent tv did not work yet with the 4G router, but it would start working from 8 october this year.

    All of this is NOT true…
    I cant get any of my chromecasts to work with this router, although they work perfect with my movistar router and toshiba tablet (i still have movistar working).
    And now the helpdesk tells me that there are no plans in broadcasting tv over the 4G router. When i told him that some1 in their sales department said otherwise, he simply answered me by saying “some people lie…” (???).

    So, i want to cancel my (new) contract with vodafone without paying ANY fees or fines. I want to try any “correct” way in doing this first, but if there’s no other way i WILL return the payment to my bank account and block them from any other payments…

    If any1 knows of a way of caceling without paying the fine, pleas inform me


    BTW, i find this one of the better features of the spanish banks. I can not do this with my belgian bank account. In belgium one need to follow a (huge) series of legal procedures in order to get your money back…

  3. Hi Alan,
    we also have a house in Almuñecar and love the place.
    Thanks for the useful information about cancelling a Vodafone account. I was so pleased to find it via Google after becoming increasingly frustrated that there was no contact info neither on my Vodafone bill nor on their website on an email address or fax number to contact. Calling +34 123 from abroad doesn’t seem to work.
    So I copied your letter (leaving out the cancellation fee since I’ve had this account for years) and tried to fax it to the fax number you presented. Result: No answer..
    I’ll try again a few times before giving up, but I’m not 100% optimistic that it will work. So if somebody has another additional fax number then please post it here.

    • Finn,

      The definitely do not make it easy. I called the fax number from my cell, and it worked, but conceivably they may have that number blocked to international calls.

      Good luck.

  4. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect mobile provider here (is there anywhere?), but they do seem to like to throw up obstacles.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Invaluable advice, guys. We knew there was a reason why we didn’t have a mobile. But if we ever get one, we’ll follow your instructions.

  6. The new consumer law passed this year means that you only pay the proportional part of the penalty clause and not the full amount, so the amount due will depend on how long is left to run until the locked-in period ends. Additionally no IVA (sales tax) can be added to the penalty when it’s billed.

  7. I’ve heard horror stories from friends about bank accounts. Luckily we don’t have to deal with that…yet.

    Thanks for commenting Lucy!

  8. Oh boy you guys, I’m sorry!
    I’ve heard of an even tougher time an expatriate had closing a bank account in Italy. Lots and lots of fees later he now keeps his notice of account closure framed on his desk.

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