Gma Bev’s Shenanigans In Cambodia (Thailand Too) – Where Is She?

We arrived into country number 3, Cambodia, on January 3rd.  This was very exciting for us all.  We were thrilled that Gma Bev was still backpacking along with the rest of us.  This was her trip of a lifetime and she was doing well.  Of course, you should know her by now, there is never a dull moment with Gma Bev around.  Nope there is an extra layer of adventure and excitement, so let me share with you her shenanigans in Cambodia!
Adventure333 (3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries) 

Gma Bev's Shenanigans in Cambodia

Flashback to 2015:

Most of these are her Facebook updates as well as photos from her not so great replacement phone (3rd phone), after her shenanigans in Vietnam.

Kep, Cambodia

January 4 – Goodnight from Cambodia. Still loving life!

January 7 – Kep Cambodia

I must say now that my trip is more than half way over, I will miss Heidi, and the grandkids terribly.  They have been so loving and absolute fun.  I’m so very proud of each of them and what they have achieved in their travels.  Darn, I’m certain I’ve forgotten someone.  Oh well, he couldn’t have been important.

Kep Cambodia

Siem Reap Cambodia

January 10 –  Another beautiful day in Cambodia! Our hotel looking down at inner courtyard from 3rd fl gorgeous entrance and my private room and modern bath.  Are you ready for this…….$15 a day including western breakfast!

siem reap at jasmine lodge

January 10 –

I can only describe the night market as humongous with a plethora of lights, music and restaurants blending in among the various shops.  I am most impressed with the cleanliness.  A nice surprise!  L has declared that tomorrow if I pay the $1, he will either eat the snake-on-a-stick or the tarantula!

lights siem reap


January 11 – Please ignore any typing mistakes.  Due to previous mishaps not yet posted, I have been reduced to using a phone the same size as my savings account balance!

I CHOSE DOOR NUMBER 3!  The pot is used to clean the floor once you are finished. There is reservoir of water behind pot.  You then wash your hands at the faucet shown in next picture.  And finally you enjoy a meal served on a plate that has been sanitized in the dishwashing area.  Zoom in on picture.  Only water source is in large container in upper left corner of patio.  I watched her dip plates in it.  Many tiny cafes use this method in back alleys.

toilet cambodia

January 14 –

After my trip to the orphanage, I had the pleasure of listening to Seyha Pen, owner of Goshen motorbike tours.  He lives in the orphanage village and arranged to have one of his men take me there on a motorcycle.  Meanwhile, Alan and L went on a long motorbike tour with Seyha.  Been here one week, then we extended for another week.  We still haven’t been to Angkor Wat (3 days of exploring the ruins) and I’ve convinced the family to return to the orphanage with me.  Now we’re thinking of staying even longer!

January 14  – Meet Jasmine!  Our hotel is called Jasmine, named after this beautiful 11-year old who is pictured with my granddaughter, 10.  I’ve observed Jasmine working behind the lobby counter by herself, handling money transactions, registering guests and even showing them their rooms.  She can answer any question and carries herself like a professional.  In addition to speaking her native language she has impeccable English and is fluent in Chinese.
January 15 – Enjoying my usual free breakfast at the Jasmine Hotel in Siem Reap. (Included with my spotless, air-conditioned room with modern bathroom $15 /day!) Nowhere in Cambodia have I seen a salt shaker. If you request salt, it is provided in a small jar or dish. You then take turns dipping your fingers in and sprinkle on your food.

Another interesting custom I forgot to mention in Vietnam: when a local shakes your hand, they put out their right hand AND also place their left hand in the crook of their right arm! This shows a sign of respect.

breakfast Jasmine Lodge

January 20 – One of my daughters, Karen, had the audacity to send me this photo knowing I have been too timid to try meat for past 3 months!  I have no beef with her but am declining her offer to meat me at the airport in February!  I can walk home quite well as I now know how to walk through traffic on the freeway!  And if I meat anyone trying to take my camera from my hands, I will put a steak in their heart and chop them into liver.  In fact, it will be a (meat)ball walking home.  I bet this gets her bac-on the right track!
January 20 –  Since then we have had several conversations in the evening.  She speaks leetle bit of english and the only Russian word I know is ‘vodka’!  However, we have been able to have a good exchange about countries and once again, the people are just the same.  I do so wish governments could get along as well! I am enjoying our friendship while we both are crossing paths in Cambodia.
Friend from Russia
January 21 – This sweet ‘monk’ lady called me over to the pagoda altar to sit with her. Once again I had a 25 minute conversation only using hand language, lots of smiles and giggles, and even a hug.  She lives right there full time, sleeping on her little bamboo mat right in front of the altar.  Aside from ‘guarding’ the pagoda she also cooks for the monks who live at Angkor Wat.  She performed some praying over me and then did something special for me.  What do you think it was?

monk at Angkor Wat

Side Note from Heidi: Oh the “Where is she?” moment. While visiting Angkor Wat, this is where we “lost” Gma Bev or perhaps she lost us.  We will never know.  Let’s just say, this is the temple where your driver drops you at one side and informs you he will pick you up on the other side.  Where did we find Gma Bev?  Well, she was back at the drop off point of course.  Chit-chatting away.  Why wouldn’t she be?


January 22 –

In the past week I met a beautiful person who not only entered my heart, but who now resides there permanently.  A few minutes ago I shared hugs, kisses and promises as I exchanged goodbyes with my Russian ‘princess.’  It’s amazing how we, two people with entirely different lives in every way, were able to form a forever bond.  Five generations apart, different religions, no common language, countries with polar opposite political views, one just finishing the introduction to the book of life, the other nearing the last chapter.  Throughout our several late night discussions, the overriding theme was ‘if we can become friends’ why can’t our countries be friends.  Rather simplistic, I know.

So, with tears in my eyes, Disriasha, I watched you walk down the stairs for the last time. God bless you on your journey.

Friend from Russia Disriasha

January 25 at 9:17am – WHAT WAS THAT SOMETHING SPECIAL?  remember my 72-year-old friend in Laos, Sweet Mama?  The lady monk indicated that bracelet was ‘bad’ along with my happy fat Buddha necklace charm.  She gestured for me to hide it under my shirt and the video explains the rest!  a new video.

January 28  –

OSHA would have a field day where i have been last 3 months. High rises, no safety hats, no safety belts, rudimentary tools and equipment AND no safety nets. Hard to see but guy is just balancing on poles with no flooring!


January 28 – Seyha Pen I respect and admire the good work you are doing to help Cambodians, my friend!


January 30 –

Made it to Bangkok!  All of us a little grouchy after 13 hours of shuttle, then bus, border crossing and an extremely long rickety ride on the first train ever invented with natural cooling by open windows.  Luckily the temperature was only about 187 degrees, give or take.  And get this…..$1.50 each for the 7 hour ride! (Last part true!)  Also posted pix of people pulling carts across border.  3 guys were hand pulling that humongous load on just a cart!

cambodia thailand border

Side Note from Heidi: Oh the “Where is she?” moment. As we crossed the Cambodia / Thailand border, we walked quite a distance between being stamped out of Cambodia and stamped into Thailand.  All of the Wagoner family had trouble stamping into Thailand.  We purchased a 60-day visa and were only given a 30 day stamp.  


During the time we were trying to negotiate with the border officials, Gma Bev disappeared.  When we finally finished losing our battle, we walked out the doors to discover she wasn’t there.  I went back inside to see if she was waiting off to the side and she was nowhere to be found.  


Once we moved on from this point, there is no turning back to find anyone.  There is no stopping along this path either.  Off we go, to make our way officially into Thailand, with no Gma Bev in sight.  


Finally we spot her off in the distance, waiting alongside the road.  I wasn’t in a good mood at that point and it was my turn to scold her for walking off.  It doesn’t pay to scold your mother.  🙂  She was waiting for us in Thailand, why wouldn’t she be?  


Bonus Days in Thailand – a few days in Bangkok and a Trip to the River Kwai too.

February 1 –

It took 24 hours on yet another rickety train but well worth it!  Ray, if you go shopping

, would you pls get some bacon, asparagus, broccoli, olives, zucchini and hamburger!  I’m starving! feeling excited.

Bridge over River Kwai

Side Note from Heidi: Oh the “Where is she?” moment.  We were on the one day tourist train from Bangkok out to the River Kwai.  There were several stops along the way, of course one was the bridge.  We were given 20 minutes to roam around the area, as well as an exact time to board the train and an exact time when the train would depart (about 5 min later).  

We all went our separate ways to take photos, walk across the bridge or do what we wanted.  The time came to return to the train and the Wagoner family didn’t seem to have a problem with that.  The first toot of the train horn sounded for the “all aboard call”. Where was Gma Bev?  Nowhere!  


Our car was completely full, minus Gma Bev.  I hung out the side of the train door trying to see if I could spot her.  Nothing!  The second toot of the train horn and the train began to slowly move.  I quickly jumped off of the train and went running up to the front car.  The conductor was yelling at me to get back on and I said “No, we need to find my mom!”.  He didn’t care, he wanted me to jump on the 1st car.  


At that moment I spotted her up ahead gazing around the area.  I yelled out to her and she couldn’t hear me. I signaled to the conductor that she was up ahead.  I signaled to Gma Bev to hurry.  She finally caught on and began a slow trot towards the train.  We both hopped onto the first car.  With me scolding her again. UG!  

She didn’t understand what the hurry was as “everyone was still roaming around outside”.  Yes everyone that didn’t come on our train!  Anyway, she made it and we made plans that if it happened again, she would just need to make her way back to Bangkok, somehow.  She agreed.  Alan was a wee bit disappointed, as it would have been a funny story to tell.  Yes, it would have been funny.  Should we have just left her?

Side note from Alan:  At this point, I was pissed.  Not at Bev, but at Heidi! By finding Bev, she ruined my proposed video.  Picture me taking video of Bev, and shouting and waving at her while she’s standing on the platform.  Can you imagine the look on her face?!  That would have been YouTube gold!  And it was ruined all so that we could stay together. 

Well there you have it.  Nothing but fun when Gma Bev is around.  We really have had a spectacular time with her.  It feels good to have her around, just like she belongs!  Thanks for following along, we really appreciate it.  Please feel free to ask any questions or tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Adventure333 (3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries) 
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