For A Memorable Experience Explore Barcelona By Bike!

We are all aware that Barcelona is a beautiful city with marvelous architecture with sublime weather, that is why if you want to enjoy the view you need to stay above ground.  You can go for a walk, but why not see Barcelona by bike?  Explore Las Ramblas, the Ciutadella Park and what better than to cycle down the Barceloneta?  I bet this would help create some unforgettable experiences.
Barcelona by bike - City center - Las Ramblas

Obviously in a city you will need to take the metro at some point, if you want to go to some place far-fetched or on the outskirts of the city like the Camp Nou (Barcelona’s Football stadium). However, if your plan is to stay in the city centre, you can really get around easily on a bike, especially in the summer.

There are a lot of bicycle lanes and even bike specific crossing lights, so moving around by bike should be fast and safe. The easiest approach to this is to pick a bike rental in Barcelona, so that you have your own bike all day long and go wherever you want to. Some new services allow you to book the nearest bike on a 24/7 basis with total control of the rental period through a mobile app.  Check here for deals on Barcelona bike rentals and bike tours.

Getting around Barcelona by bike is more healthy and eco-friendly.  But above all, it assures you a unique point of view on the city surroundings and streets.  We have seen plenty of bike rentals popping up in Granada and Malaga too.

5 places to visit in Barcelona by bike

1 – Las Ramblas & Portal de l’Àngel

Las Ramblas and Portal de l’Angel are two of the most famous streets in Barcelona.  It’s the heart of the city, two very lively spots full of shops, bars, cafés and even interesting museums -like MACBA, Arts Santa Mònica or the Wax Museum.  And don’t forget to visit the Sant Antoni market!

If you walk down Las Ramblas you must pay attention to the human statues, always surrounded by an amazed audience.  These human statues are a very traditional type of street performance that has been taking place in this big street for quite a few years now and has become part of its exceptional charm.

2 – The promenade in Barceloneta
Barcelona by bike - Barceloneta - beach

If you like the beach, you must take a ride on the promenade, in the neighborhood of la Barceloneta.  You can cycle from the harbour to the Forum, covering almost the entire shoreline of Barcelona.  If you feel the heat or the urge (subject to the time of the year), you can stop at the beach and go for a quick swim.  For all Volleyball enthusiasts there are nets on the beach for a quick game; all you need is the ball.

3 – Ciutadella & Arc de Triomf
Barcelona by bike - arc triomf

If you like nature, Ciudatella is the right spot for you.  Just like Central Park in New York this is the biggest park in Barcelona, so you will find plenty of space for you to take a ride.   Having the zoo at a stone’s throw next to the park, perfect if you are looking for family entertainment.

The Triumph Arch was built in 1888 for the Universal Exhibition as the gateway to the fair that was held in the Ciutadella park.  It’s one of the most iconic landmarks in the city and a beautiful piece of engineering.  Great for amazing pictures.

4 – Gràcia & Parc Güell
Barcelona by bike - park güell

If you like to explore interesting places beyond the city centre, you can also go from Plaça Catalunya to Parc Güell by bike.  Start riding your bike through Passeig de Gracia and pay attention to the famous buildings surrounding you, like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

You can continue riding through the Gracia neighbourhood towards Parc Güell, the garden-city created by Gaudí.  If you like modernism and art nouveau you will adore this park.

5- Sagrada Familia
Barcelona by bike - sagrada familia

The Sagrada Familia is another iconic symbol of the city.  Gaudí dedicated the last years of his life to build this masterpiece, so it’s the best way to know and understand the Catalan modernism.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most visited monuments in Spain, so make sure you book in advance so don’t miss out!

Check out another post of ours for more things to do in Barcelona.

Tell us some of your favorite activities in Barcelona?  Have you explored Barcelona by bike?

Come on and tell us what you think!

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