The Naturist Experiment Revealed – She Said

Last week we told you that we were going to embrace the culture here in Spain and revealed to you our “Naturist Experiment”.  The Naked Truth – Naturist Experiment

Time to step out, I mean Waaaay out, of our comfort zone.  Alan and I are each doing a post on this topic with a He Said and She Said theme.  We aren’t going to read the others post until ours is complete, so we don’t change what we were thinking.  With that, you may find some information duplicative.

The Naturist Experiment

Flashback to 2013:

We were going to face our fears.  We need to love ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin. We are going to partake in a little sun bathing a the Nude Beach, just 10 minutes from our house.

Did we go?  Did we let it all hang out?

Well, before we get to that answer I will tell you about us trying to go.  A few days ago, I noticed it was very nice weather out.  I asked Alan if today was the day, should we go today?   Of course each of us came up with a reason and rationalized our way out of going.  So I thought this isn’t going to happen.  We obviously can’t be spontaneous about this as we will come up with excuse after excuse.  We decide to go check out the beach with clothing on and see what it is all about.

Ok, that wasn’t so bad.  We hiked around on the rocks, walks past several people in the buff and it seemed okay.  They didn’t seem to care we were there and we weren’t pointing and laughing, so this may be doable after all.  We decided to pick a day in advance and that way we would both be mentally prepared.  Friday, was going to be that day and about 11 am was going to be the time.

Freaky Friday

Friday rolls around, Alan and I are both working away on the blog and ebooks.  The clock is ticking and 11 am rolls around.  Is it time to go.  Okay, I guess we are going.  We begin to prepare for the beach and the conversation had me laughing.

As we are gathering beach towels, Alan yells out:

“Don’t forget the sunscreen.  There are parts of me that haven’t seen the sun. I want to be sure they don’t burn!”  

We both have a good laugh and that helped break the ice.  I can’t believe we are really going to do this.  After grabbing the towels and the sunscreen, it hits me… we don’t really need to prepare or bring anything else.  Of course, I mention this epiphany to Alan and love the fact that we can just grab a couple of towels and walk out the door.  Then the conversation goes like this:

Alan:   “Are you planning on wearing underwear?”

Me:     “Of course, we can go as is.”

Alan:   “I don’t want sand to get in my underwear, so maybe I should leave them here.”

Me:     Literally rolling on the floor laughing.  “Okay Alan, you do what you gotta do.”

The Naturist Beach

We arrive at the beach and need to walk along the path around the cove to get to the Naturist Beach.  The path winds around the huge rocks and cliffs with the sea crashing below.  As we near the end of the man-made path there is a male body part painted on a rock, pointing the way to the correct beach.  We follow along and walk on the path behind the next set of rocks and come to a larger sandy/pebble beach.Naturist Beach, Cotobro

To our left is a family of 4 completely one with nature and playing paddle ball without a stitch of clothing on.  I think to myself, “It is all I can do to potentially lay on a towel.  How can they be jumping around playing ball in the buff?”  We walk along the beach and pass several couples, singles of all ages and body shapes and sizes.  Again, no one seems to care that we are there.

The Reveal

We find a sandy spot and look around.  Off go the bottoms for me and it feels strange.  Not too bad as my shirt is long enough to cover me.  Next thing you know we are in the buff, naked as jay birds!  We both felt weird and quickly snapped a photos (of our naked shadows).

Naked Shadows

OMG, we both took a quick dive down and lay on our bellies.  We get covered with sunscreen and just lay there to bake.  I can hear people walking around and I am thinking “We are nuts!”  After a few minutes, it wasn’t so bad.  It was actually very relaxing and liberating.  As we didn’t want to burn, we said we would do 10 minutes on each side.  Ding Ding Ding, the time is up.  Time to roll over.

This was not quite as easy for me as it was for Alan.  It was like it was second nature for him.  Okay, we both roll over and soak up the sun.  Alan was even brave enough to walk to the sea and get his feet wet.  That was a bit overboard for me, but it was nice watching him. :-)  So, it was getting really warm out in the sun and we decided to call this one “baked” and head home.  We did it!

I have to say, it was not bad at all.  I would probably do it again.  I don’t think we would be the family playing paddle ball, but I would go with Alan again.  I think the thoughts and anxiety leading up to it were far worse than actually doing it.  I felt very comfortable out there and not one person pointed, laughed or made a comment.  We were all just there together to be free and accept each other for who we were and what we looked like.

Read what Alan had to say.

Come on and tell us what you think!

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