Satisfy That CRAVE In Koh Phangan, Thailand

Wow!  What a complete treat.  We have been traveling for a long time and as you know we love our western food.  I was a bit worried about what we may or may not find on Koh Phangan, as we had never been.  We stayed on the northwest side on a small beach named Haad Yao.  And how lucky were we to find Crave!

Crave - Koh Phangan Thailand

Flashback to 2015:

Guess what type of food they have on their menu?  Just about anything this American family of four might crave!  Ribs, Salads, Burgers!  Yum.  We had them all.  Our daughter was doing the happy dance all night, right at the table.  The waitress came over to check on her.  When she found out she was just dancing because she loved the food, the waitress joined in on the happy dance too.  Ha!  Love this place.

Oh but wait we need to tell you about our dessert!  We really went all out on the comfort food and left so very happy.  What kinds of goodies did we indulge in?  How about a homemade fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, a hot apple crumble topped with vanilla ice cream, a cheesecake with fresh raspberry sauce, and a super moist carrot cake, with to die for cream cheese frosting.  The frosting was served on the side, so it wouldn’t melt on the warm cake until you were ready to take that bite.

Can you tell we loved it?  Really my mouth is watering as I type this.

The service was fantastic and they made us feel like we just belonged there and it was home.  There are so many games to choose from to play as you are waiting for your food or after you are all done.  We opted for Jenga and Connect 4, but the table next to us had a mean game of Uno going on.  So much fun.  It is open air dining and the music is good too.


We were able to meet the chef and owner Valerie and heard all about her vision of Crave many years ago.  She was on holiday in Koh Phangan and was “craving” good food from home. (Quebec, Canada for her).  She decided to bring her food and great cooking to the island about 5 years ago and it is doing very well.  The place was packed on a Monday night!

Crave Restaurant and Lounge Koh Phangan Thailand (1)

I also have to mention the resident mascot and protector of Crave too.  Meet Lady Ga Ga. She greeted us and then off she went to take a nap.

Lady Ga Ga at Crave

It really is worth a venture over, no matter where you are on the island.  Just hop on that scooter or flag down a songthaew.  They are only open for dinner, so go have fun during the day and plan to have more fun at Crave for dinner.  We had so much fun that we stayed well past our meal.  In fact we made a full night out of it.  The wine was pretty good too.

Contact Info

Crave Koh Phangan location

Crave is located in Haad Yao in the 2nd floor of the building across from 7-11.  It is open air fun, fantastic dining.

Disclosure: Our meal was hosted by the restaurant and all opinions are our own.

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